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2003 SSBF: Methodology Appendix VV Screen Reader version

Appendix VV


Rating scale:

1=far exceeds expectations

2=exceeds expectations

3=meets expectations, no misses

4=mostly meets, a few misses

5=only rarely meets expectations

   Interviewer Name  Project Name  Project Number


  SSBF 6128 Main
Monitored by        
( ) Interviewing, ( ) Refusal Conversion SCR MAIN SCR MAIN SCR MAIN SCR MAIN
  Interviewer Signature:      


A Phone Voice Rating Comment Dials Monitored Total:
1 Sounds professional - confident tone and attitude      
2 Pronounces key/technical words correctly      
3 Speaks clearly and distinctly      
4 Speaks enthusiastically, not monotone      

Further comments:

B Screening For Respondents Rating Comment  Dials Monitored Total:
1 Understands screening protocol      
2 Maintains Confidentiality with Gatekeeper/Informant      
3 Handles difficult questions as directed      
4 Identifies R/Screens properly.      

Further comments:

C Gaining Cooperation/Refusal Aversion/Conversion Rating Comment  Dials Monitored Total:
1 Calls at appropriate times/intervals      
2 Listens carefully/Responds appropriately      
3 Identifies/Responds to Special Needs situations      
4 Handles refusals and appointments correctly      

Further comments:

D Reading Questionnaire/Instrument: Rating Comment  Dials Monitored Total:
1 Reads verbatim      
2 Reads entire scale as directed      
3 Uses appropriate pacing       
4 Redirects/repeats questions without bias/leading      

Further comments:

E Probing Rating Comment  Dials Monitored Total:
1 Clarifies incomplete responses      
2 Clarifies confused responses      
3 Clarifies "Don't Know" responses      
4 Probes aided/unaided questions as directed      

Further comments:

F Recording - Responses and Callnotes Rating Comment  Dials Monitored Total:
1 Records open-end responses verbatim      
2 Spells understandably


3 Uses code sheets effectively NA    
4 Records relevant info in callnotes      
5 Verifies preload information correctly      

Further comments:

G CATI Skills(Paper Study N/A) Rating Comment  Dials Monitored Total:
1 Uses correct disposition codes      
2 Demonstrates mechanical proficiency      
3 Maneuvers well in systems.      
4 Enters data correctly      

Further comments:

H Locating/Tracing Rating Comment Comment Comment
I Paper Studies(CATI Studies N/A) Rating Comment Comment Comment

Overall comments

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