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2003 SSBF: Methodology Appendix W Screen Reader version
Appendix W

Worksheet Mailing: D&B Small Business Reports Brochure

D&B Small Business Solutions

Run Your Business More Effectively

with D&B Small Business Solutions

As a token of appreciation for participating in the

Survey of Small Business Finances... may to elect to receive the following five (5) reports to help you run your business. D&B will not contact you unless you request to be contacted during the registration process.

D&B reports can help you gauge your firm's performance relative to the industry. D&B reports can also help you minimize your risk by letting you check the business credit ratings of potential new customers, vendors, and suppliers. DUNS Demand letters can help you collect money owed to you.

If you choose the D&B Small Business Solutions incentive, you will be given a promotional code. You will have 30 days after receiving the code to register for the offer. After registering, the 5 reports must be ordered within 60 days.

ONE D&B Industry Research Report

...uses aggregrate data to provide you with a statistical "snapshot"

of the industry of your choice. Each report includes the following

information to prepare competitive analyses:

Also included are profiles and contact information for the top 25

companies in the industry, so you can see who's leading the market

and how various companies rank within the industry.

ONE D&B Comprehensive Report

...offers an in-depth view of a company's financial position,

includes scores and analysis to predict future payment habits

and financial stability, and offers comparisons to industry norms

to help your organization:

company that may be undergoing financial stress. enough assets to pay you. across the U.S. even how well it functioned under natural disasters or fires. suits have been brought against a potential client.

ONE D&B Credit eValuator Report

...offers basic information to efficiently evaluate new customers,

pre-screen prospects, or perform a quick credit review in lower risk

situations. The Credit Check Report provides basic information on a

company that includes, when available:

plus TWO DUNS Demand

Letters for Collections

Through our partnership with Dun & Bradstreet Receivable

Management Services (RMS), we offer you two demand letters.

These letters provide a method for getting the money owed you

without alienating your customers.

To receive these five (5) reports, please use the following url: and proceed through the registration process. Be sure to enter the promotional code received for completing the survey to receive this offer.

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