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1946 RFDs

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1946-51 (December 1946)
Debt Management in Canada; M. Schuman's Devaluation Paradox; The British Exchange Control Bill; Russia's Post-war Trade with Some of the "Zone" Countries
Robert A. Rennie, Albert O. Hirschman, Florence Jaffy, and Alexander Gerschenkron
Full paper (1108 KB PDF)

1946-50 (December 1946)
Bilateralism and "Proportionalism" - Two Aspects of Trade Structure; Indian Prices, Money Supply, and Foreign Trade; Unites States Coal for Europe; Russian Platinum Exports; The Structure of Russian Industry: An Addendum; Economic Union of Yugoslavia and Albania
Albert O. Hirschman, Arthur B. Hersey, Charles R. Harley, and Alexander Gerschenkron
Full paper (1548 KB PDF)

1946-49 (December 1946)
The Danish Dilemma; The Philippine Balance of Payments and Economic Recovery; Mexican Domstic Monetary Policies; Note on the Structure of Industry in Russia
Robert W. Bean, John Exter, David L. Grove, and Alexander Gerschenkron
Full paper (1165 KB PDF)

1946-48 (November 1946)
Post-UNRRA Needs of European Countries; Debt Management in the United Kingdom; Evidence of Difficulties Faced by French Export and Tourist Trade; Note on the Economic Position of Czechoslovakia; War-time Price Developments in Egypt
J. Herbert Furth, Robert A. Rennie, Albert O. Hirschman, Alexander Gerschenkron, and Ali R. Bengur
Full paper (1172 KB PDF)

1946-47 (November 1946)
Foreign Credits of the United States Government; Wage Parity Calculations for Six Countries; Computations Regarding the Value of the French Franc; Some Remarks on the 1946 Budget of the U.S.S.R.; Turkey's 1947 Budget
M.J. Roberts, Florence Jaffy, Hans J. Dernburg, and Alexander Gerschenkron
Full paper (1582 KB PDF)

1946-46 (October 1946)
The State Trading Provisions of the I.T.O. Charter; New Anti-Inflationary Measures Adopted in Columbia; Swedish-Russian Trade Agreement; SUPPLEMENT: German Assets in Austria
Alexander Gerschenkron, David L. Grove, Robert W. Bean, and J. Herbert Furth
Full paper (1258 KB PDF)

1946-45 (October 1946)
Anglo-Argentine Agreement on Sterling Balances; Reconstruction Finance in the Netherlands; Estimates of Per Capita Income for Certain Near Eastern Countries; SUPPLEMENT: The Rate of Industrial Growth in Russia: 1885-1940
Robert A. Rennie, Ali R. Bengur, and Alexander Gerschenkron
Full paper (5636 KB PDF)

1946-44 (September 1946)
Report on Mexico City Conference of Central Bank Experts; Bulk Sale of Surplus to China; Recent Exchange Regulations in Brazil; Devaluation of the Turkish Lira; Price Parity Exchange Rates
David L. Grove, John Exter, Harold Wexler, and Ali R. Bengur
Full paper (1352 KB PDF)

1946-43 (September 1946)
Measurement of the Increase in Bilateralism Between 1928 and 1935; Exchange Rates of Central European Currencies; SUPPLEMENT: Exchange Practices and the Fund
Randall Hinshaw, Barbara Hinrichs, and Alice Bourneuf
Full paper (1484 KB PDF)

1946-42 (August 1946)
New Currency in Hungary; Further Depreciation of the Chinese National Dollar; Coordination of Economic Research Activity of Internal Agencies; On the Elasticity of Import Demand Schedules
J. Herbert Furth, Charles R. Harley, and Randall Hinshaw
Full paper (611 KB PDF)

1946-41 (August 1946)
Rate Disbursement of Development and Reconstruction Loans of the Export-Import Bank; New Currency in Albania; Sweden's International Lending; World Income: 1924-37; Budgetary Loan to the Philippines
M.J. Roberts, L. Axelbank, Robert W. Bean, and Randall Hinshaw
Full paper (887 KB PDF)

1946-40 (July 1946)
Appreciation of the Swedish Krona; Currency and Banking in Austria; The Automatic Fund Again; Netherlands "National Budget", Appreciation of the Canadian Dollar
Robert W. Bean, J. Herbert Furth, Alice Bourneuf, and Charles R. Harley
Full paper (1130 KB PDF)

1946-39 (July 1946)
Sweden, the Fund, and the Bank; Belgian Clearing Balances; Utilization of Export-Import Bank Funds; Italian Commercial Banking; Exports in the First Quarter
Robert W. Bean, M.J. Roberts, and Charles R. Harley
Full paper (946 KB PDF)

1946-38 (June 1946)
Calculations Concerning a Commercial Exchange Rate for the German Mark; Budgetary Problems of the Independent Philippines; Prospective "World Bank" Securities; SUPPLEMENT: United States-French Economic and Financial Agreements
Hans J. Dernburg, John Exter, Lewis N. Dembitz, and Miroslav A. Kriz
Full paper (1888 KB PDF)

1946-37 (June 1946)
Rate of Return on United States Foreign Investment: 1919-1940; European Black Market Rates for the Dollar; Relaxation of Foreign Exchange Control in Italy; British Bulk Buying; Agreement Concerning German Assets in Switzerland; Poland Establishes Official Exchange Rates
Randall Hinshaw, Hans J. Dernburg, Wilellyn Morelle, and Rosa Ernst
Full paper (1082 KB PDF)

1946-36 (May 1946)
Banking Reform in Argentina - A 100% Money Experiment; Belgian-Netherlands Customs Union; Agreement for Settlement of Turkey's Lend-Lease Account; The Problem of the German Reich Debt; SUPPLEMENT: Purchasing Power Parity Calculations for Selected Countries
Robert Triffin, J. Herbert Furth, Paul Hermberg, and Florence Jaffy
Full paper (1542 KB PDF)

1946-35 (May 1946)
Rise in World Dollar Prices of Internationally Traded Goods During World War II; Gold Holdings of the Swiss Government; Belgian Commercial Banking; SUPPLEMENT: The German Political Situation in the American Zone of Occupation
Randall Hinshaw, Rosa Ernst, J. Herbert Furth, and Paul Hermberg
Full paper (1346 KB PDF)

1946-34 (April 1946)
Norway's Efforts to Control the Money Supply; Legislation Enacted for Aid to the Philippines; Changes in Brazilian Exchange Control Regulations; SUPPLEMENT: The German Political Situation in Berlin
Robert W. Bean, Toni Giese, Harold Wexler, and Paul Hermberg
Full paper (1434 KB PDF)

1946-33 (April 1946)
Nationalization of the Central Bank of Argentina; Report of the Swiss National Bank for 1945; Central Banking in Italy; Egypt's Sterling Balances; Extension of Government Control Over Central Banks and Credit Machinery
Gerald Alter, Florence Nixon, Rosa Ernst, J. Herbert Furth, Ali R. Bengur, and Beatrice Bulla
Full paper (1225 KB PDF)

1946-32 (March 1946)
War-time Financial and Property Controls; Anglo-Swiss Monetary Agreement; Azerbiajan and Iran's Gold and Ruble Balances in Russia; SUPPLEMENT: Pre-War Trade Between Russia and Eastern Europe
Wendell E. Thorne, Rosa Ernst, Alexander Gerschenkron, and Toni Giese
Full paper (1018 KB PDF)

1946-31 (March 1946)
Inaugural Meetings of the Fund and Bank in Savannah; Expiration of the Franco-British Financial Agreement; Comments on German Monetary Conditions; Central Banking in Romania and Bulgaria; Exchange Stabilization and Currency Conversions in China; New Parity of Netherlands Indies Guilder
Alice Bourneuf, Hans J. Dernburg, Paul Hermberg, J. Herbert Furth, and John Exter
Full paper (1335 KB PDF)

1946-30 (February 1946)
Third Greek Stabilization Program; Philippine Legislation on War-time Deposits and Debts; Economic Developments in Belgium; Merger of Basler Handelsbank and Swiss Bank Corporation
J. Herbert Furth, Arthur B. Hersey, and Rosa Ernst
Full paper (1006 KB PDF)

1946-29 (February 1946)
Counter-Inflationary Measures in Hungary; Effect of Income Changes on American Invisible Imports; Exchange Rates of Balkan Currencies; Lend-Lease "Pipeline" Agreement with Russia; Switzerland's Foreign Lending in the Post-War Period; India Calls in Large Denomination Notes
Cornelia B. Rose, Jr and Randall Hinshaw
Full paper (932 KB PDF)

1946-28 (January 1946)
Use of a Theoretical Model to Study Some Problems of Foreign Borrowing; Currency and Foreign Exchange Conditions in Post-War Poland; Dual Currency in Hungary; Japanese Deficit Financing; SUPPLEMENT: Effect of Income Changes on American Imports
J. Herbert Furth, Hans J. Dernburg, Arthur B. Hersey, and Randall Hinshaw
Full paper (1278 KB PDF)

1946-27 (January 1946)
Exchange Control and Quantitative Trade Restrictions; German Holdings in Switzerland; Russia and Bretton Woods; Bretton Woods Institutions with Present Signatories as Members; A New Foreign Exchange Rate Structure for the French Empire; British Agricultural Policy
Robert Triffin, Alice Bourneuf, Alexander Gerschenkron, Hans J. Dernburg, and Wilellyn Morelle
Full paper (1627 KB PDF)

1946-26 (January 1946)
Currency Problems and Currency Reform in Central and Southeastern Europe; Canadian - United States War Committees; The Devaluation of the French Franc; Currency Problems in the Netherlands Indies
J. Herbert Furth, Wendell E. Thorne, and Hans J. Dernburg
Full paper (800 KB PDF)

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