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1949 RFDs

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1949-128 (December 1949)
Clandestine Capital Movements in Balance of Payments Estimates; Errors and Omissions in the Balance of Payments
John H. Adler and Florence Jaffy
Full paper (945 KB PDF)

1949-127 (December 1949)
The FAO Proposal for an International Commodity Clearing House; Devaluation of the Austrian Schilling; Further Use of the British Export Credits Guarantees
Wilellyn Morelle, Gordon B. Grimwood, and Gretchen H. Fowler
Full paper (960 KB PDF)

1949-126 (November 1949)
Efforts Toward Monetary Stability in the USSR
Gregory Grossman
Full paper (2103 KB PDF)

1949-125 (November 1949)
Britain's Terms of Trade and Devaluation of the Pound; Western Germany's Foreign Trade
Samuel I. Katz and Gordon B. Grimwood
Full paper (1033 KB PDF)

1949-124 (October 1949)
Economic Development - Without Inflation?
Gerald M. Alter
Full paper (1225 KB PDF)

1949-123 (October 1949)
U.S. Imports and Exports in the First Half of 1949
Gretchen H. Fowler
Full paper (1799 KB PDF)

1949-122 (September 1949)
Division of Aid Among OEEC Countries for 1949-50; Devaluation and East-West Trade; The U.S. Recession and the Dollar Position of the OEEC Countries
Robert Solomon, Paul Gekker, Gregory Grossman, Albert O. Hirschman, and Barbara Hinrichs
Full paper (1101 KB PDF)

1949-121 (September 1949)
British Export Performance in the Dollar Area and the U.S. Tariff; Foreign Exchange Problems in Austria
Randall Hinshaw, Gretchen H. Fowler, and J. Herbert Furth
Full paper (649 KB PDF)

1949-120 (August 1949)
U.S. Balance of Payments Prospects: 1949-50; The French Exchange Stabilization Fund; Long-Term Investment in the U.S. - U.K. Zones of Western Germany
Florence Jaffy, Robert Solomon, and Gordon B. Grimwood
Full paper (1323 KB PDF)

1949-119 (August 1949)
Financial Problems of Western Germany; A Note on the "Secondary Burden" Involved in Correcting Balance of Payments Disequilibria; Export Prices and Western European Exchange Rates
J. Herbert Furth, Gerald Alter, and Randall Hinshaw
Full paper (849 KB PDF)

1949-118 (August 1949)
Export Prices and the Dollar-Sterling Rate; Indian Public Finance Since the War; Trade Among European Recovery Program Countries in 1948
Randall Hinshaw, Harrison Parker, and Guenter H. Mattersdorff
Full paper (943 KB PDF)

1949-117 (July 1949)
Recent Trends in East-West Trade; The New Intra-European Payments Scheme
Gregory Grossman, Gordon B. Grimwood, and Albert O. Hirschman
Full paper (1112 KB PDF)

1949-116 (July 1949)
Stabilization Efforts in India; The Spanish Economy - II. Internal Monetary Developments, Foreign Trade and Exchange
Arthur B. Hersey, Harrison Parker, Robert Solomon, and Barbara Hinrichs
Full paper (860 KB PDF)

1949-115 (June 1949)
United States Foreign Trade: January-March 1949; The Berlin Currency Controversy; Recent British Investment Experience in Iran
Samuel I. Katz, Gretchen H. Fowler, Gordon B. Grimwood, and Mary Maroney
Full paper (876 KB PDF)

1949-114 (June 1949)
International Aspects of a Recession; U.N. Report on Employment and Economic Stability; The Spanish Economy - I. Stagnation in Agriculture and Industry
Albert O. Hirschman, Caroline Lichtenberg, and Barbara Hinrichs
Full paper (1453 KB PDF)

1949-113 (May 1949)
A Note on Cheap Sterling; British Experience with Export Credit Guarantees; The Soviet Economy in 1949 - II, National Income, Size and Allocation
Samuel I. Katz, Gretchen H. Fowler, and Gregory Grossman
Full paper (1758 KB PDF)

1949-112 (May 1949)
The Soviet Economy in 1949 - I Prices, Taxes and Disinflation; Rates of Disbursement on Export - Import Bank Development Loans; Brazilian Views on Direct Investments by Foreigners
Gregory Grossman, Caroline Lichtenberg, and Arthur B. Hersey
Full paper (1150 KB PDF)

1949-111 (April 1949)
The New International Wheat Agreement; Guarantees Against Devaluation Losses for Foreign Investment?; Controversy on Swedish Financial Policy; SUPPLEMENT: The USSR and the Economies of Eastern Europe
Wilellyn Morelle, Gerald M. Alter, and Caroline Lichtenberg
Full paper (966 KB PDF)

1949-110 (April 1949)
Stabilization in Uruguay; Recession in Belgium; Relaxation of Exchange Controls in Belgium and France
Harry A. Gillis, Jr., Gerald M. Alter, and Robert Solomon
Full paper (1060 KB PDF)

1949-109 (March 1949)
Investment and Budgetary Policy in Western Europe; Currency Conversion and Foreign Trade of Western Germany; U.S. Export Surplus Drops 43 Per Cent in 1948
Samuel I. Katz, J. Herbert Furth, and Gretchen H. Fowler
Full paper (1811 KB PDF)

1949-108 (March 1949)
Domestic Effects of Currency Reform in Western Germany; The Soviet Currency Conversion; SUPPLEMENT: Credit Controls in the Postwar Economy of France
J. Herbert Furth and Gregory Grossman
Full paper (1015 KB PDF)

1949-107 (February 1949)
The Case for Realistic Exchange Rates; Currency Conversion and Repressed Inflation; New Index of Industrial Production in Italy; Note on French Exports
Randall Hinshaw, J. Herbert Furth, Arthur L. Broida, and Robert Solomon
Full paper (1904 KB PDF)

1949-106 (February 1949)
The OEEC "Interim Report on the European Recovery Program"--A Summary; The Impact of Argentina's Dollar Shortage on the Other Latin American Republics
Albert O. Hirschman and Harry A. Gillis, Jr.
Full paper (923 KB PDF)

1949-105 (January 1949)
The Postwar Foreign Trade of Yugoslavia; Postwar Internal Financial Situation in Indonesia
Gregory Grossman, Virginia Grether, and Harrison Parker
Full paper (2493 KB PDF)

1949-104 (January 1949)
The Italian Accumulation of Dollar Balances; Italo-Soviet Agreements on Reparations and Trade
Florence Jaffy and Gregory Grossman
Full paper (928 KB PDF)

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