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1960 RFDs

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1960-355 (December 1960)
Unbalanced International Accounts--Diagnosis and Therapy; The Discipline of the Balance of Payments: Postwar Experience in Europe
J. Herbert Furth and Ralph C. Wood
Full paper (2623 KB PDF)

1960-354 (December 1960)
The Role of Savings in Japan's Postwar Economic Growth
Reed J. Irvine
Full paper (2019 KB PDF)

1960-353 (December 1960)
Recent Changes in Australian Banking; Expansion and Restraint in Australia: 1959-1960
Edwin A. Anderson
Full paper (2627 KB PDF)

1960-352 (November 1960)
Phantom Food in Communist China
Reed J. Irvine
Full paper (655 KB PDF)

1960-351 (October 1960)
A Note on the Development of Rumanian Foreign Trade
Paul Gekker
Full paper (883 KB PDF)

1960-350 (October 1960)
Exchequer Financing and the National Savings Movement
James C. Wallace
Full paper (1336 KB PDF)

1960-349 (September 1960)
Inflation: Taiwan Revisited
Reed J. Irvine
Full paper (628 KB PDF)

1960-348 (August 1960)
Interest Rates and Foreign Dollar Balances
Robert F. Gemmill
Full paper (2238 KB PDF)

1960-347 (August 1960)
A Book on the Federal Reserve System of the United States; Combining Central and Commercial Banking
R. Entov and Lewis N. Dembitz
Full paper (1422 KB PDF)

1960-346 (July 1960)
"Buy-at-Home" Legislation and Policies Abroad
Warrick E. Elrod, Jr.
Full paper (863 KB PDF)

1960-345 (June 1960)
Financing India's Third Plan
Rodney H. Mills
Full paper (1724 KB PDF)

1960-344 (June 1960)
Recent Shifts in U.S. Foreign Economic Aid Policy
Allan F. Rau
Full paper (749 KB PDF)

1960-343 (April 1960)
Gezira: A Case Study in Economic Development
Reed J. Irvine
Full paper (824 KB PDF)

1960-342 (February 1960)
The Rate of Unemployment in Great Britain and the United States 1950-59
Edward Kalachek and Richard M. Westebbe
Full paper (6690 KB PDF)

1960-341 (February 1960)
Recent Monetary Developments in Canada
Henry N. Goldstein
Full paper (2872 KB PDF)

1960-340 (February 1960)
Proposals for a Common Market in Latin America
Robert L. Sammons
Full paper (6694 KB PDF)

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