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1961 RFDs

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1961-367 (December 1961)
Problems in Pakistan's Prosperity
Richard H. Kaufman
Full paper (289 KB PDF)

1961-366 (December 1961)
Problems of the U.S. Balance of International Payments
J. Herbert Furth
Full paper (4336 KB PDF)

1961-365 (October 1961)
Changes in Canadian Financial Policies 1961-62
Edwin A. Anderson
Full paper (3922 KB PDF)

1961-364 (September 1961)
Recent Banking Developments in Nigeria
Chu Okongwu
Full paper (6588 KB PDF)

1961-363 (August 1961)
Professor Triffin and the Problem of International Monetary Reform
J. Herbert Furth
Full paper (5464 KB PDF)

1961-362 (August 1961)
Prospects for the U.S. Balance of Payments
A.B. Hersey
Full paper (2869 KB PDF)

1961-361 (June 1961)
The International Position of the U.S. Dollar
J. Herbert Furth
Full paper (6708 KB PDF)

1961-360 (June 1961)
Britain's Economic Position and the Budget for 1961-62
James C. Wallace
Full paper (1219 KB PDF)

1961-359 (June 1961)
The Business Outlook in the Far East
Reed J. Irvine
Full paper (640 KB PDF)

1961-358 (May 1961)
A Brief Look at the Japanese Money and Bond Markets
Robert F. Emery
Full paper (1323 KB PDF)

1961-357 (April 1961)
Foreign Trade of Lending Countries: January-February 1961
Kay J. Auerbach
Full paper (2008 KB PDF)

1961-356 (April 1961)
Sterling Speculation and European Convertibility: 1955 to 1958
Samuel I. Katz
Full paper (5686 KB PDF)

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