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1971 RFDs

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1971-673 (July 1971)
Flexible Exchange Rates and Prices: The Recent Canadian Experience
Robert M. Dunn, Jr.
Full paper (257 KB PDF)

1971-672 (July 1971)
Philippine Inflation, the Balance of Payments and Economic Development
Robert F. Emery
Full paper (315 KB PDF)

1971-671 (July 1971)
Uruguayan Monetary Stabilization 1968-1970: Experience with a Parallel Credit Market
Virginia D. Timenes
Full paper (316 KB PDF)

1971-670 (July 1971)
Proposed Changes in Techniques of U.K. Monetary Policy
Martin J. Kohn
Full paper (419 KB PDF)

1971-669 (June 1971)
Monetary Restraint and Housing in Selected Foreign Industrial Countries
Robert M. Dunn, Jr., Jan W. Karcz, Martin J. Kohn, Rodney H. Mills, Jr., and Bernard J. Rudman
Full paper (1701 KB PDF)

1971-668 (May 1971)
A Critique of the Report on Foreign Central Banks Prepared for the House Committee on Banking and Currency
Rodney H. Mills, Jr., Martin Kohn, Jan Karcz, and Ilse Higgins
Full paper (356 KB PDF)

1971-667 (April 1971)
The Assignment Problem for a Large Country
Don E. Roper
Full paper (588 KB PDF)

1971-666 (February 1971)
The Bulletins of N.Y.U.'s Institute of Finance, 1926-1970: A Review Article
Samuel I. Katz
Full paper (300 KB PDF)

1971-665 (February 1971)
The Euro-Bond Market in 1970
Rodney H. Mills, Jr.
Full paper (330 KB PDF)

1971-664 (January 1971)
The Upward Crawling Peg: An Economic Evaluation
Samuel I. Katz
Full paper (394 KB PDF)

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