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Staff Studies: 1960-69
Image of carved stone eagle links to Staff Studies home page Staff Studies published in 1993 or after are available on line. Earlier studies can be ordered through Publications Services.

55 (1969)
Imported Inflation and the International Adjustment Process
Ruth Logue

54 (1969)
The Availability of Mortgage Lending Commitments
Robert Moore Fisher

53 (1969)
Automotive Trade between the United States and Canada
Kathryn A. Morisse

52 (1969)
Some Problems in Forecasting Inventory Investment
H.O. Stekler

51 (1969)
Economic Forecasts: Evaluation Procedures and Results
H.O. Stekler

50 (1969)
Optimal Factor Adjustment Paths: A Generalization of "Stock Adjustment"
Decision Rules

P.A. Tinsley

49 (1969)
Characteristics of Merging Banks
David L. Smith

48 (1969)
Changes in Bank Ownership: The Impact on Operating Performance
Paul F. Jessup

47 (1968)
A Technique for Forecasting Defense Expenditures
Harvey Galper and Edward Gramlich

46 (1968)
The Regulation of Short-term Capital Movements: Western European Techniques in the 1960's
Rodney H. Mills, Jr.

45 (1968)
The Labor Market and Potential Output of the Federal Reserve-MIT Econometric Model: A Preliminary Report
A.J. Tella and P.A. Tinsley

44 (1968)
A Disaggregated Model of the U.S. Balance of Trade
William H. Branson

43 (1968)
Effects of Money on Interest Rates
William E. Gibson

42 (1968)
The Lags between Investment Decisions and Their Causes
Shirley Almon

41 (1967)
Interest Rates and the Demand for Consumer Durable Goods
Michael J. Hamburger

40 (1967)
Nonlocal Competition for Time Deposits in Isolated One- and Two-bank Towns
Bernard Shull

39 (1967)
Economic Trends in Latin America in the 1960's
Yves Maroni

38 (1967)
A Test of the Deposit Relationship Hypothesis
Neil B. Murphy

37 (1967)
Customers View Bank Markets and Services: A Survey of Elkhart, Indiana
George G. Kaufman

36 (1967)
The Boom in Office Buildings
Robert Moore Fisher

35 (1967)
Empirical Literature on the U.S. Balance of Trade
Charles K. Harley

34 (1967)
The Impact of Monetary Variables: A Selected Survey of the Recent Empirical Literature
Michael J. Hamburger

33 (1967)
Businesses View Banking Services: A Survey of Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Lynn A. Stiles

32 (1967)
Federal Fiscal Policy and Aggregate Demand, 1956-66
Helen B. Junz

31 (1967)
The Financing of Capital Investment in the U.S.S.R.
Paul Gekker

30 (1967)
Variable-rate Mortgages
Robert Moore Fisher

29 (1967)
Individuals as a Source of Loan Funds for State and Local Governments
Helmut Wendel

28 (1967)
Investment by Manufacturing Firms: A Quarterly Time Series Analysis of Industry Data
Robert W. Resek

27 (1967)
The Effect of Credit Conditions on State and Local Bond Sales and Capital Outlays Since World War II
Paul F. McGouldrick

26 (1967)
The Relative Impact of Money and Income on Interest Rates: An Empirical Investigation
William E. Gibson and George G. Kaufman

25 (1967)
Firms' Demands for Money: The Evidence from the Cross-section Data
William J. Frazer, Jr.

24 (1967)
Measures of Industrial Production and Final Demand
Clayton Gehman and Cornelia Motheral

23 (1966)
Mexico's Economic and Financial Record
Yves Maroni

22 (1966)
The Overseas Dollar Bond Market and Recent U.S. Borrowing Abroad
Carl H. Stem

21 (1966)
Liquidity Considerations and Monetary Management
Leonall C. Andersen

20 (1966)
A Theory of Household Asset Selection
William J. Hocter

19 (1966)
The European Economic Community's Common Agricultural Policy and Its Impact on U.S. Exports
Thomas M. Klein

18 (1966)
Cyclical Determinants of Capital Expenditures: A Regression Study of the United States Steel Industry
James P. Bennett

17 (1966)
A Model of Federal Reserve Behavior
John H. Wood

16 (1966)
Empirical Aspects of Cost vs. Demand in Commodity Pricing
Addison T. Cutler

15 (1966)
Consumer Credit Regulation: A Review and Response
Jerome W. Shay

14 (1966)
The Spanish "Miracle": Growth and Change in the Spanish Economy, 1959 to mid-1965
Rodney H. Mills, Jr.

13 (1966)
The Federal Reserve System and World Monetary Problems
Robert Solomon

12 (1966)
The Process of Inflation: A Review of the Literature and Some Comparisons of Cyclical Performance, 1953-65
Glenn H. Miller, Jr.

11 (1966)
The Demand for Money: Speed of Adjustment, Interest Rates, and Wealth: A Sequel
Patric H. Hendershott

10 (1966)
The Demand for Money: A Review of the Empirical Literature
David M. Jones

9 (1966)
The Demand for Currency
George G. Kaufman

8 (1966)
Some Fiscal Implications of Expansion of the Social Security System
Nancy H. Teeters

7 (1966)
Manufacturers' Inventory Investment and Monetary Policy
Jimmie R. Monhollon

6 (1965)
The Postwar Boom in Hotels and Motels
Royal Shipp and Robert Moore Fisher

5 (1965)
Criteria for Conduct of Monetary Policy: Implications of Recent Research
Daniel H. Brill

4 (1965)
A Study of Factors Affecting the Money Stock: Phase One
Leonall C. Andersen

3 (1965)
Price Analysis and Economic Developments
Murray Altmann

2 (1965)
The Demand for Money: Speed of Adjustment, Interest Rates, and Wealth
Frank de Leeuw

1 (1965)
Statistical Refinement of the Concept of Inflation--Monetary and Liquidity Aspects
Guy B. Noyes

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