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Staff Studies: 1970-79
Image of carved stone eagle links to Staff Studies home page Staff Studies published in 1993 or after are available on line. Earlier studies can be ordered through Publications Services.

108 (1979)
The GNMA-Guaranteed Passthrough Security: Market Development and Implications for the Growth and Stability of Home Mortgage Lending
David F. Seiders

107 (1979)
Impact of Bank Holding Companies on Competition and Performance in Banking Markets
Stephen A. Rhoades and Roger D. Rutz

106 (1979)
The Market for Federal Funds and Repurchase Agreements
Thomas D. Simpson

105 (1979)
Measurement of Capacity Utilization: Problems and Tasks
Frank de Leeuw, Lawrence R. Forest, Jr., Richard D. Raddock, and Zoltan E. Kenessey

104 (1979)
Innovations in Bank Loan Contracting: Recent Evidence
Paul W. Boltz and Tim S. Campbell

103 (1979)
Impact of the Dollar Depreciation on the U.S. Price Level: An Analytical Survey of Empirical Estimates
Peter Hooper and Barbara R. Lowrey

102 (1979)
Geographic Expansion of Banks and Changes in Banking Structure
Stephen A. Rhoades

101 (1979)
Tie-ins between the Granting of Credit and Sale of Insurance by Bank Holding Companies and Other Lenders
Robert A. Eisenbeis and Paul R. Schweitzer

100 (1978)
The Relationship between Reserve Ratios and the Monetary Aggregates under Reserves and Federal Funds Rate Operating Targets
Kenneth J. Kopecky

99 (1978)
Interest Rate Ceilings and Disintermediation
Edward F. McKelvey

98 (1978)
Foothold Acquisitions and Bank Market Structure
Stephen A. Rhoades and Paul Schweitzer

97 (1978)
The Behavior of Member Bank Required Reserve Ratios and the Effects of Board Action, 1968-77
Thomas D. Simpson

96 (1978)
Mortgage Borrowing Against Equity in Existing Homes: Measurement, Generation, and Implications for Economic Activity
David F. Seiders

95 (1978)
External Capital Financing Requirements of Commercial Banks, 1977-81
Gerald A. Hanweck and John J. Mingo

94 (1978)
Problems in Applying Discriminant Analysis in Credit Scoring Models
Robert A. Eisenbeis

93 (1977)
An Analysis of Federal Reserve System Attrition since 1960
John T. Rose

92 (1977)
Structure-Performance Studies in Banking: A Summary and Evaluation
Stephen A. Rhoades

91 (1977)
Greeley in Perspective
Paul Schweitzer and Joshua Greene

90 (1977)
The Performance of Bank Holding Company-affiliated Finance Companies
Stephen A. Rhoades and Gregory E. Boczar

89 (1977)
Recent Trends in Local Banking Market Structure
Samuel H. Talley

88 (1976)
Effects of "NOW" Accounts on Costs and Earnings of Commercial Banks in 1974-75
John D. Paulus

87 (1976)
Seasonal Adjustment of M1--Currently Published and Alternative Methods
Edward R. Fry

86 (1976)
Extending Merger Analysis beyond the Single-market Framework
Stephen A. Rhoades

85 (1975)
The Growth of Multibank Holding Companies, 1956-73
Gregory E. Boczar

84 (1975)
The Performance of Individual Bank Holding Companies
Arthur G. Fraas

83 (1975)
Household-sector Economic Accounts
David F. Seiders

82 (1974)
Short-run Variations in the Money Stock--Seasonal or Cyclical?
Herbert M. Kaufman and Raymond E. Lombra

81 (1974)
Operating Policies of Bank Holding Companies--Part II: Nonbanking Subsidiaries
Robert J. Lawrence

80 (1974)
The Impact of Holding Company Acquisitions on Aggregate Concentration in Banking
Samuel H. Talley

79 (1973)
Mortgage Commitments on Income Properties: A New Series for 15 Life Insurance Companies, 1951-70
Robert Moore Fisher and Barbara Negri Opper

78 (1973)
The Determinants of a Direct Investment Outflow with Emphasis on the Supply of Funds
Frederic Brill Ruckdeschel

77 (1973)
Obtaining the Yield on a Standard Bond from a Sample of Bonds with Heterogeneous Characteristics
James L. Kichline, P. Michael Laub, and Guy V.G. Stevens

76 (1973)
Examination of the Money Stock Control Approach of Burger, Kalish, and Babb
Fred J. Levin

75 (1972)
Federal Reserve Defensive Behavior and the Reverse Causation Argument
Raymond Lombra and Raymond Torto

74 (1972)
The Regulation of Short-term Capital Movements in Major Industrial Countries
Rodney H. Mills

73 (1972)
Regulation Q and the Commercial Loan Market in the 1960's
Benjamin M. Friedman

72 (1972)
Credit Rationing: A Review
Benjamin M. Friedman

71 (1972)
Explaining Changes in Euro-Dollar Positions: A Study of Banks in Four European Countries
Rodney H. Mills, Jr.

70 (1972)
International Money Markets and Flexible Exchange Rates
Stanley W. Black

69 (1972)
The Effect of Holding Company Acquisitions on Bank Performance
Samuel H. Talley

68 (1972)
Optimal Distributed Lag Responses and Expectations
Roger Craine

67 (1972)
Policy Variables, Unemployment and Price Level Changes
Peter S. Rose and Lacy H. Hunt II

66 (1972)
Private Housing Completions--A New Dimension in Construction Statistics
Bernard N. Freedman

65 (1971)
The Use of Interest Rate Policies as a Stimulus to Economic Growth
Robert F. Emery

64 (1971)
Mortgage Repayments as a Source of Loanable Funds
Robert Moore Fisher

63 (1971)
A Test of the "Expectations Hypothesis" Using Directly Observed Wage and Price Expectations
Stephen J. Turnovsky and Michael L. Wachter

62 (1971)
Adjustment and Disequilibrium Costs and the Estimated Brainard-Tobin Model
Joseph Bisignano

61 (1971)
Estimation of the Investment and Price Equations of a Macroeconometric Model
Robert J. Shiller

60 (1971)
The Relative Importance of Monetary and Fiscal Variables in Determining Price Level Movements: A Note
Peter S. Rose and Lacy H. Hunt II

59 (1971)
Operating Policies of Bank Holding Companies: Part I
Robert J. Lawrence

58 (1970)
Uncertainty and Stabilization Policies for a Nonlinear Macroeconomic Model
Franklin R. Shupp

57 (1970)
Optimal Choice of Monetary Policy Instruments in a Simple Stochastic Macro Model
William Poole

56 (1970)
Consumer Savings and Thrift Institutions
Edward C. Ettin and Barbara Negri Opper

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