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Staff Studies: 1980-89
Image of carved stone eagle links to Staff Studies home page Staff Studies published in 1993 or after are available on line. Earlier studies can be ordered through Publications Services.

158 (1989)
The Adequacy and Consistency of Margin Requirements in the Markets for Stocks and Derivative Products
Mark J. Warshawsky and Earnhart Dietrich

157 (1989)
M2 Per Unit of Potential GNP as an Anchor for the Price Level
Jeffrey J. Hallman, Richard D. Porter, and David H. Small

156 (1988)
International Trends for U.S. Banks and Banking Markets
James V. Houpt

155 (1987)
The Funding of Private Pension Plans
Mark J. Warshawsky

154 (1987)
The Effects on Consumers and Creditors of Proposed Ceilings on Credit Card Interest Rates
Glenn B. Canner and James T. Fergus

153 (1987)
Stock Market Volatility
Carolyn D. Davis and Alice P. White

152 (1987)
Determinants of Corporate Merger Activity: A Review of the Literature
Mark J. Warshawsky

151 (1987)
Responses to Deregulation: Retail Deposit Pricing from 1983 through 1985
Patrick I. Mahoney, Alice P. White, Paul F. O'Brien, and Mary M. McLaughlin

150 (1986)
Statistical Cost Accounting Models in Banking: A Reexamination and an Application
John T. Rose and John D. Wolken

149 (1986)
The Operating Performance of Acquired Firms in Banking before and after Acquisition
Stephen A. Rhoades

148 (1985)
The Macroeconomic and Sectoral Effects of the Economic Recovery Tax Act: Some Simulation Results
Flint Brayton and Peter B. Clark

147 (1985)
Revisions in the Monetary Services (Divisia) Indexes of the Monetary Aggregates
Helen T. Farr and Derah Johnson

146 (1985)
The Role of the Prime Rate in Pricing of Business Loans by Commercial Banks, 1977-84
Thomas F. Brady

145 (1985)
Service Charges as a Source of Bank Income and Their Impact on Consumers
Glenn B. Canner and Robert D. Kurtz

144 (1985)
Scale Economies in Compliance Costs for Consumer Credit Regulations: The Truth in Lending and Equal Credit Opportunity Laws
Gregory E. Elliehausen and Robert D. Kurtz

143 (1985)
Compliance Costs and Consumer Benefits of the Electronic Fund Transfer Act: Recent Survey Evidence
Frederick J. Schroeder

142 (1985)
Mergers and Acquisitions by Commercial Banks, 1960-83
Stephen A. Rhoades

141 (1984)
A Comparison of Direct Deposit and Check Payment Costs
William Dudley

140 (1984)
Geographic Market Delineation: A Review of the Literature
John D. Wolken

139 (1984)
Some Implications of Financial Innovations in the United States
Thomas D. Simpson and Patrick M. Parkinson

138 (1984)
Antitrust Laws, Justice Department Guidelines, and the Limits of Concentration in Local Banking Markets
Jim Burke

137 (1984)
The Implications for Bank Merger Policy of Financial Deregulation, Interstate Banking, and Financial Supermarkets
Stephen A. Rhoades

136 (1984)
The Effects of Fiscal Policy on the U.S. Economy
Darrel Cohen and Peter B. Clark

135 (1984)
Small Empirical Models of Exchange Market Intervention: Applications to Germany, Japan, and Canada
Derah J. Danker, Richard A. Haas, Dale W. Henderson, Steven A. Symansky, and Ralph W. Tryon

134 (1984)
Small Empirical Models of Exchange Market Intervention: A Review of the Literature
Ralph W. Tryon

133 (1984)
Relationships among Exchange Rates, Intervention, and Interest Rates: An Empirical Investigation
Bonnie E. Loopesko

132 (1984)
Time-series Studies of the Relationship between Exchange Rates and Intervention: A Review of the Techniques and Literature
Kenneth Rogoff

131 (1984)
Calculations of Profitability for U.S. Dollar-Deutsche Mark Intervention
Laurence R. Jacobson

130 (1984)
Effects of Exchange Rate Variability on International Trade and Other Economic Variables: A Review of the Literature
Victoria S. Farrell, Dean A. DeRosa, and T. Ashby McCown

129 (1984)
U.S. Experience with Exchange Market Intervention: October 1980-September 1981
Margaret L. Greene

128 (1984)
U.S. Experience with Exchange Market Intervention: September 1977-December 1979
Margaret L. Greene

127 (1984)
U.S. Experience with Exchange Market Intervention: January-March 1975
Margaret L. Greene

126 (1983)
Definition and Measurement of Exchange Market Intervention
Donald B. Adams and Dale W. Henderson

125 (1983)
Seasonal Adjustment of the Weekly Monetary Aggregates: A Model-based Approach
David A. Pierce, Michael R. Grupe, and William P. Cleveland

124 (1983)
International Banking Facilities and the Eurodollar Market
Henry S. Terrell and Rodney H. Mills

123 (1983)
Financial Transactions within Bank Holding Companies
John T. Rose and Samuel H. Talley

122 (1983)
Bank Capital Trends and Financing
Samuel H. Talley

121 (1982)
Redlining: Research and Federal Legislative Response
Glenn B. Canner

120 (1982)
Foreign Subsidiaries of U.S. Banking Organizations
James V. Houpt and Michael G. Martinson

119 (1982)
Structure-Performance Studies in Banking: An Updated Summary and Evaluation
Stephen A. Rhoades

118 (1982)
Interest Rates and Terms on Construction Loans at Commercial Banks
David F. Seiders

117 (1982)
The Community Reinvestment Act and Credit Allocation
Glenn B. Canner

116 (1982)
Divisia Monetary Aggregates: Compilation, Data, and Historical Behavior
William A. Barnett, Paul A. Spindt, and Edward Offenbacher

115 (1982)
Costs, Scale Economies, Competition, and Product Mix in the U.S. Payments Mechanism
David B. Humphrey

114 (1982)
Multibank Holding Companies: Recent Evidence on Competition and Performance in Banking Markets
Timothy J. Curry and John T. Rose

113 (1982)
Below the Bottom Line: The Use of Contingencies and Commitments by Commercial Banks
Benjamin Wolkowitz, Gerald A. Hanweck, Peter Lloyd-Davies, Brian Charles Gendreau, and Michael A. Goldberg

112 (1981)
Federal Reserve Decisions on Bank Mergers and Acquisitions during the 1970s
Stephen A. Rhoades

111 (1981)
Banking Structure and Performance at the State Level during the 1970s
Stephen A. Rhoades

110 (1981)
Performance and Characteristics of Edge Corporations
James V. Houpt

109 (1980)
Foreign Ownership and the Performance of U.S. Banks
James V. Houpt

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