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Statistical Supplement | February 2007

Statistical Supplement to the Federal Reserve Bulletin, February 2007

4.30  Assets and Liabilities, of U.S. Branches and Agencies of Foreign Banks, September 30, 20061--Continued
Millions of dollars except as noted
Item All states2 New York California Illinois
Total excluding IBFs3 IBFs only3 Total excluding IBFs IBFs only Total excluding IBFs IBFs only Total excluding IBFs IBFs only
142 Components of total nontransaction accounts, included in total deposits and credit balances 759,163 n.a. 693,949 n.a. 3,789 n.a. 12,235 n.a.
143 Time deposits of $100,000 or more 688,114 n.a. 626,493 n.a. 3,789 n.a. 12,233 n.a.
144 Time CDs in denominations of $100,000 or more with remaining maturity of more than 12 months 71,049 n.a. 67,455 n.a. 0 n.a. 2 n.a.
  All states2 New York California Illinois
Total including IBFs3 IBFs only3 Total including IBFs IBFs only Total including IBFs IBFs only Total including IBFs IBFs only
145 Immediately available funds with a maturity greater than one day included in other borrowed money 64,497 n.a. 62,879 n.a. 871 n.a. 246 n.a.
146 Number of reports filed6 248 131 48 12 n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a.

1. Data are aggregates of categories reported on the quarterly form FFIEC 002, "Report of Assets and Liabilities of U.S. Branches and Agencies of Foreign Banks." The form was first used for reporting data as of June 30, 1980, and was revised as of December 31, 1985. From November 1972 through May 1980, U.S. branches and agencies of foreign banks had filed a monthly FR 886a report. Aggregate data from that report were available through the Federal Reserve monthly statistical release G.11, last issued on July 10, 1980. Data in this table and in the G.11 tables are not strictly comparable because of differences in reporting panels and in definitions of balance sheet items.   Return to table

2. Includes the District of Columbia.   Return to table

3. Effective December 1981, the Federal Reserve Board amended Regulations D and Q to permit banking offices located in the United States to operate international banking facilities (IBFs). Since December 31, 1985, data for IBFs have been reported in a separate column. These data are either included in or excluded from the total columns as indicated in the headings. The notation "n.a." indicates that no IBF data have been reported for that item, either because the item is not an eligible IBF asset or liability or because that level of detail is not reported for IBFs. From December 1981 through September 1985, IBF data were included in all applicable items reported.   Return to table

4. Total assets and total liabilities include net balances, if any, due from or owed to related banking institutions in the United States and in foreign countries (see note 5). On the former monthly branch and agency report, available through the G.11 monthly statistical release, gross balances were included in total assets and total liabilities. Therefore, total asset and total liability figures in this table are not comparable to those in the G.11 tables.   Return to table

5. Related depository institutions includes the foreign head office and other U.S. and foreign branches and agencies of a bank, a bank's parent holding company, and majority-owned banking subsidiaries of the bank and of its parent holding company (including subsidiaries owned both directly and indirectly).   Return to table

6. In some cases, two or more offices of a foreign bank within the same metropolitan area file a consolidated report.   Return to table

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