G.13 - Selected Interest Rates
Release Date: September 4, 2001
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Discontinuance of the G.13

With the issue dated January 8, 2002 (containing data for December 2001), the Federal Reserve will cease publication of the monthly G.13 statistical release, "Selected Interest Rates."

The data reported on the G.13 are available elsewhere:

An analysis of usage of the Board's web site revealed that demand for the G.13 is small compared with that for the H.15 (for example, the web version of the H.15 is requested 34 times more frequently than the web version of the G.13). The Board solicited public comment regarding the proposed discontinuance of the G.13 between late May and late June of this year. The response was limited. Of a total of 48 replies received either through the mail or the web site, 31 supported discontinuance and 17 opposed it.

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