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Release Date: June 2, 2004
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Discontinuance of Treasury Long-Term Average Nominal Rate

In accordance with its announcement of May 5, 2004, the Treasury has ceased publication of its long-term average nominal yield, effective June 1, 2004. The Treasury commenced publishing this rate on February 19, 2002, coinciding with the discontinuance of its 30-year constant maturity rate. At that time, the Treasury began to publish an “extrapolation factor,” to allow users to calculate a proxy for the 30-year constant maturity rate. An extrapolation factor will continue to be published, but, as of June 1, it will be based on an extrapolation from the 20-year yield curve point. The extrapolation factor is available at the Treasury website, www.treas.gov/offices/domestic-finance/debt-management/interest-rate/index.html, as reported in footnote 11 of the release.

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