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District: 9
Federal Reserve Bank of: Minneapolis

Filings received during the week ending June 18, 2016

Filer Filing Type Filing Proposal End of Comment Period
DAKOTA WESTERN BANKSHARES, INC. CIC Duane Bowman, Bowman, North Dakota, intends to apply to the Federal Reserve Board for permission to retain shares of Dakota Western Bankshares, Inc., Bowman, North Dakota ("Dakota Western Bankshares"), and thereby join the group comprised of Susan Berglund, Bowman, North Dakota, Roger Berglund, Bowman, North Dakota, Gwenn Jones, Bowman, North Dakota, Wendy Jorgenson, Bismarck North Dakota, and Bruce Bowman, Rhame, North Dakota, that controls more than 25% of Dakota Western Bankshares.
Newspaper: 06/02/2016
Federal Register: 06/10/2016
FIRST BEMIDJI HOLDING COMPANY CIC Change in Control Notice by Brian Scott Curb, Bemidji, MN; Melisa A. Bruns, Bemidji, MN; Ronald R. Cuperus, Bemidji, MN; Dean J. Thompson, Bemidji, MN; Glen T. Lindseth, Bemidji, MN; Mary Karen Bellmont Revocable Trust (Mary Karen Bellmont, trustee), St. Cloud, MN; Robert C. Welle Living Trust (Robert C. Welle, trustee), Saint Paul, MN; John P. Welle, Granger, IN; Mary Kay Welle, Granger, IN; Margaret M. Sitzer Revocable Trust (Margaret M. Sitzer, trustee), Rochester, MN; Patrick G. Welle, Bemidji, MN; Peter T. Welle, Washington, DC; Susan M. Stromberg, Colorado Springs, CO; Michael M. Stromberg, Colorado Springs, CO; David M. Stromberg, Grand Forks, ND; Brian W. Stromberg, Grand Forks, ND; Megan E. Stromberg, Grand Forks, ND; Theresa A. Welle, Waite Park, MN; Mary J. Welle Marvin, Warroad, MN; Conway A. Marvin, Warroad, MN; Nicholas A. Marvin, Warroad, MN; Ryan W. Marvin, Minneapolis, MN; Laura J. Marvin Nelson, Eden Prairie, MN; Jackelyn L. Marvin, Bemidji, MN; Christian D. Welle, Bemidji, MN; Amanda B. Welle, New York, NY; Jamie M. Welle, Lonsdale, MN; Samantha J. Baker, Bemidji, MN; Joseph W. Welle, Bloomington, MN; Katherine L. Canfield, Pinehurst, NC; Brian T. Canfield, Pinehurst, NC; William RW Canfield, Pinehurst, NC; Sarah J. Anderla, Appleton, WI; David Anderla, Appleton, WI; Sarah J. Anderla, as custodian for Grant T. Anderla, Appleton, WI, and as custodian for Elena J. Anderla, Appleton, WI; and Drew B. Anderla, Appleton, WI; for retroactive approval to join the Welle family shareholder group that controls 25% or more of First Bemidji Holding Company, Bemidji, Minnesota, and thereby indirectly controls The First National Bank of Bemidji, Bemidji, Minnesota.
Newspaper: Not available
Federal Register: Not available
FLAGSHIP FINANCIAL GROUP, INC. * 3A5 Flagship Financial Group, Inc., Eden Prairie, Minnesota, to merge with Landmark Investor Group, Inc., Eden Prairie, Minnesota, and thereby indirectly acquire Landmark Community Bank, National Association, Isanti, Minnesota.
Newspaper: 06/30/2016
Federal Register: 07/13/2016
TCB MUTUAL HOLDING COMPANY * MHC Merger TCB Mutual Holding Company, Tomahawk, Wisconsin ("TCB Mutual"), and its wholly-owned SLHC subsidiary, TCB Financial, Inc., Tomahawk, Wisconsin ("TCB Financial"), propose to indirectly acquire Merrill Federal Savings & Loan Association, Merrill, Wisconsin ("Merrill"), a mutual institution, through the merger of Merrill with and into Tomahawk Community Bank S.S.B., Tomahawk, Wisconsin, a wholly-owned subsidiary of TCB Mutual and TCB Financial.
Newspaper: 07/07/2016
Federal Register: Not applicable
UPTOWN BANCORPORATION, INC. * 3A3 Uptown Bancorporation, Inc., Britton, South Dakota, to acquire at least 72 percent of First American State Bank, Oldham, South Dakota.
Newspaper: Not available
Federal Register: 07/15/2016

Availability of CRA Public Evaluations

The Community Reinvestment Act is intended to encourage depository institutions to help meet the credit needs of the communities in which they operate, including low- and moderate-income neighborhoods. It was enacted by the Congress in 1977 (12 U.S.C. 2901) and is implemented by Regulation BB (12 CFR 228). The regulation was revised in May 1995.

The CRA requires that each depository institution's record in helping meet the credit needs of its entire community be evaluated periodically. That record is taken into account in considering an institution's application for deposit facilities.

A copy of an institution's CRA evaluation may be obtained directly from the institution or Reserve Bank.

Federal bank regulators use the following performance levels to rate an institution's performance under CRA:

O = Outstanding
S = Satisfactory
NI = Needs to improve
SN = Substantial noncompliance

The following state member banks have been examined and their CRA public evaluations are now available.
Institution / Location
Exam Date
Public Date
Exam Method

CRA Examinations scheduled for     Quarter of

Institution Location

* Subject to the provisions of the Community Reinvestment Act

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Actions by the Board | Actions under delegated authority
Applications and reports:
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Chicago | St. Louis | Minneapolis | Kansas City | Dallas | San Francisco