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Release Date: June 11, 1998

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Z.1 Release

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This release introduces six supplementary tables.  Tables
F.119.b and L.119.b provide data for private defined benefit
plans.  Tables F.119.c and L.119.c provide the corresponding
data for private defined contribution plans.  Table B.100.e
offers an alternative organization of the balance sheet of
the household and nonprofit organization sector.  The
alternative shows directly held and indirectly held equity
shares.  Finally, a flow of funds matrix for 1997 showing
amounts outstanding by sector and instrument has been included.
(A matrix with net flows was introduced in the March 1998 release.)

Complete file (400 KB PDF)
Summary statistics and table of contents (32 KB PDF)
Debt growth, borrowing and debt outstanding tables (17 KB PDF)
Flows tables (170 KB PDF)
Level tables (149 KB PDF)
Balance sheet tables (21 KB PDF)
Supplementary tables (28 KB PDF)
These files are available in Acrobat (PDF 3) format only.
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Z.1: Release | Release dates

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