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Release Date: September 10, 2003

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The Federal Reserve Board on Wednesday announced the appointment of Winthrop P. Hambley as Assistant to the Board and head of the Congressional Liaison Office. Mr. Hambley, currently Deputy Congressional Liaison, succeeds Donald J. Winn, who died August 14, 2003, after an extended illness.

The Congressional Liaison Office is responsible for communication between the Board and Congress. It coordinates the drafting of testimony and correspondence to Congress and provides members of the Board with information about proposed legislation and the views of members of Congress.

Mr. Hambley joined the Board staff in 1989 as Assistant Congressional Liaison. He was appointed an officer of the Board in 1992 with the title Special Assistant to the Board for Congressional Liaison and, in 1999, was named Deputy Congressional Liaison. Prior to joining the Board staff, Mr. Hambley served on the staff of Sen. Paul S. Trible, R-Va., from 1982 to 1989. Before that, he was as an associate staff member of the House Committee on the Budget. He holds and A.B. in history from Columbia College and attended graduate school in economics at the University of Virginia (ABD).

Laricke Blanchard, who has served as Assistant Congressional Liaison since April 2002, was appointed an officer of the Board with the title Special Assistant to the Board. Before joining the Board staff, Mr. Blanchard worked for Citigroup as Vice President and Counsel; for Williams & Jensen, PC, as an Associate Attorney; for Beneficial Corporation as Director of Governmental Relations; for the Credit Union National Association as Senior Federal Legislative Representative; and for the House Banking Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigation as a Professional Staff Member.

The Board also announced the appointment of Michelle Andrews Smith as Director of the Office of Board Members, succeeding Mr. Winn. The Office of Board Members includes the Public Affairs Office, the Publications Unit, the Correspondence Unit, the Office of Congressional Liaison and the administrative staff that supports Board members. Ms. Smith will continue as Assistant to the Board for Public Affairs and, with her new position, will add responsibility for directing the internal management of the rest of the Office of Board Members.

Ms. Smith joined the Board in February 2001 as Assistant to the Board. She held various positions in the Treasury Department from 1993 to 2001, ending her service there as Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs. Before that she was Deputy Press Secretary in the office of Sen. Lloyd Bentsen, D-Texas.

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