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1968 RFDs

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1968-637 (September 1968)
Argentina's Economic and Financial Record
Yves Maroni
Full paper (425 KB PDF)

1968-636 (August 1968)
Recent Economic Developments in Japan, January-June 1968
Robert F. Emery
Full paper (181 KB PDF)

1968-635 (August 1968)
External Surpluses, Capital Flows and Credit Policy in the E.E.C. 1958 to 1967
Samuel I. Katz
Full paper (727 KB PDF)

1968-634 (May 1968)
The Regulation of Short-Term Capital Movements: Western European Techniques in the 1960's
Rodney H. Mills, Jr.
Full paper (474 KB PDF)

1968-633 (May 1968)
A Review of Monetary Reform and the Price of Gold
Samuel I. Katz
Full paper (136 KB PDF)

1968-632 (February 1968)
Economic Developments in France in 1967
Jan W. Karez
Full paper (279 KB PDF)

1968-631 (February 1968)
Report on the Ryukyuan Economy
Reed J. Irvine and Robert F. Emery
Full paper (781 KB PDF)

1968-630 (January 1968)
Flexible Exchange Rates and Oligopoly Pricing: A Study of Canadian Markets
Robert M. Dunn
Full paper (253 KB PDF)

1968-629 (January 1968)
Domestic Aspects of the U.K. Devaluation
Samuel I. Katz
Full paper (253 KB PDF)

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