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1970 RFDs

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1970-663 (December 1970)
Guinea and the Ivory Coast: Contrasting Experiments in Economic Development
Michael D. O'Connor
Full paper (378 KB PDF)

1970-662 (November 1970)
Gross National Product Data, by Selected Components, for Fourteen Industrial Countries
Betty L. Barker and Barbara R. Lowrey
Full paper (924 KB PDF)

1970-661 (October 1970)
Exchange-Risk Under Fixed and Flexible Exchange Rates
Samuel I. Katz
Full paper (706 KB PDF)

1970-660 (October 1970)
United States Merchandise Trade 1965-69
George B. Henry
Full paper (407 KB PDF)

1970-659 (September 1970)
A Note on the Effect of the 1965-69 Boom in the United States on World Trade
F. Gerard Adams and Helen B. Junz
Full paper (507 KB PDF)

1970-658 (September 1970)
The New Euro-Dollar Market in Asia
Robert F. Emery
Full paper (208 KB PDF)

1970-657 (August 1970)
A Distinction Between Criteria for Assigning Policies in the World Economy
Don Roper
Full paper (501 KB PDF)

1970-656 (July 1970)
The Colombian Devaluation of 1962: A Case Study
Virginia D. Timenes
Full paper (501 KB PDF)

1970-655 (June 1970)
The International Monetary Fund, 1945-1965: A Book Review Book Review; The International Market for Foreign Exchange
Samuel I. Katz
Full paper (377 KB PDF)

1970-654 (May 1970)
Summary Comments, Panel on Prices and Monetary Statistics, Conference on Soviet Statistics, Duke University, November 3-5, 1969
Paul Gekker
Full paper (430 KB PDF)

1970-653 (May 1970)
Measuring the Macroeconomic Effects of Fiscal Policy in the United States
William H. Branson, Helen B. Junz, and Nancy H. Teeters
Full paper (601 KB PDF)

1970-652 (March 1970)
British Exports and Import Growth Among Its Customers
Martin J. Kohn
Full paper (335 KB PDF)

1970-651 (March 1970)
Domestic Demand and Short Run Export Fluctuations
George B. Henry
Full paper (928 KB PDF)

1970-650 (March 1970)
A Critique of John Floyd's Theory of International Capital Movements
John Morton
Full paper (192 KB PDF)

1970-649 (January 1970)
Macroeconomic Policies and the Distribution of the World Money Supply
Don E. Roper
Full paper (704 KB PDF)

1970-648 (January 1970)
Some Lessons of the Development Decade
Reed J. Irvine
Full paper (283 KB PDF)

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