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Statistical Supplement to the Federal Reserve Bulletin 2008
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of the
Statistical Supplement to the Federal Reserve Bulletin

Effective with the publication of the December 2008 Statistical Supplement to the Federal Reserve Bulletin, the Board is discontinuing both the print and online versions.

The majority of data published in the Statistical Supplement are available elsewhere on the Federal Reserve Board's website at The Board has created a webpage that provides a detailed list of links to the most recent data on its site and links to other data provided by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the U.S. Treasury, and the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council. The Board will continue to publish the following tables from the Statistical Supplement in the Statistics and Historical Data section of its website:

1.36 Stock Market, Selected Statistics
1.45New Security Issues, State and Local Governments
1.46New Security Issues, U.S. Corporations
1.54 Mortgage Debt Outstanding
3.10 U.S. International Transactions, Summary
3.12 U.S. Reserve Assets
3.13 Foreign Official Assets Held at Federal Reserve Banks
3.15 Selected U.S. Liabilities to Foreign Official Institutions
3.16Liabilities to, and Claims on, Foreigners
3.17Liabilities to Foreigners
3.18Banks' Own Claims on Foreigners
3.19Banks' Own and Domestic Customers' Claims on Foreigners
3.22 Liabilities to Unaffiliated Foreigners
3.23Claims on Unaffiliated Foreigners
3.24 Foreign Transactions in Securities
3.25 Marketable U.S. Treasury Bonds and Notes, Foreign Transactions
4.20Assets and Liabilities of Commercial Banks
4.30Assets and Liabilities of U.S. Branches and Agencies of Foreign Banks
Data for the Board's principal statistical releases are available free in multiple formats at


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