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Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
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Research and Statistics 

The Division of Research and Statistics is responsible for developing and presenting economic and financial data and analysis for the use of the Board, the Federal Open Market Committee, and other Federal Reserve System officials. This information serves as background for the formulation and conduct of monetary, regulatory, and supervisory policies. In addition, the division fosters a broader understanding of issues relating to economic policy by providing leadership in economic and statistical research and by supplying data and analyses for public release.

Financial Studies

Financial Studies staff analyze the links between the financial sector and the real economy that propagate and amplify the effects of financial shocks.  In this context, staff considers from an empirical and applied theoretical perspective the structure of financial markets and financial institutions, the design and potential effects of regulation, and systemic risks that pose a threat to financial stability.  Many policy contributions and research publications emanating from the section are related to these core themes.  These contributions broadly support the Boardís discharge of its financial stability and supervisory responsibilities as well as the Financial Stability Oversight Councilís efforts.  Some representative recent projects undertaken in the section include studies on firm-level investment and the use of credit lines during the financial crisis, the impact of the ABS collapse on credit supply, the effects of prudential standards (e.g. Basel III capital and liquidity requirements and regulations established under the Dodd-Frank Act), and the identification of systemically important banks and nonbank financial institutions.

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Last update: July 21, 2014