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Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
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Research ResourcesSeminars and Workshops

2012 Seminars

Seminar speakers visit for one day to make a presentation.

Presenter Affiliation Topic
Adelino, Manuel The Fuqua School of Business, Duke University Credit Supply and House Prices: Evidence from Mortgage Market Segmentation
Adrian, Tobias Federal Reserve Bank of New York Intermediary Leverage Cycles and Financial Stability
Aggarwal, Raj University of Minnesota An Empirical Investigation of Internal Governance
Albanesi, Stefania Federal Reserve Bank of New York The Gender Unemployment Gap: Trend and Cycle
Allen, Jason Bank of Canada Price negotiation in differentiated products Markets: the case of insured mortgages in Canada
Alquist, Ronald Bank of Canada Institutions, the Cost of Capital, and Economic Growth:  Evidence from the 19th Century Capital Market
Ascari, Guido University of Pavia Trend Inflation, Wage Indexation, and Determinacy in the U.S.
Battaglini, Marco Princeton University Fiscal Policy and Unemployment
Benmelech, Efraim Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University Did the Community Reinvestment Act lead to Risky Lending?
Benzoni, Luca Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago Core and Crust:  Consumer Prices and the Term Structure of Interest Rates
Bianchi, Francesco Duke University Monetary-Fiscal Policy Mix and Agents' Beliefs
Bollinger, Chris University of Kentucky Two Can Live as Cheaply as One, But Three's a Crowd
Bover, Olympia Bank of Spain Housing Purchases and the Dynamics of Housing Wealth
Buraschi, Andrea Booth School of Business, University of Chicago Dynamic Networks and Asset Pricing
Burnside, Craig Duke University Exchange Rates and International Risk Sharing
Cavallo, Alberto Massachusetts Institute of Technology Distance and Political Boundaries: Estimating the Border Effects under Inequality Constraints
Cetorelli, Nicola Federal Reserve Bank of New York Liquidity management of U.S. global banks:  Internal capital markets in the great recession
Chen, Daniel Duke University The Economic Impacts of Eminent Domain
Coulson, Ed Pennsylvania State University The Urban Economic Base as a Catalyst for Movements in Real Estate Prices
Currie, Janet Princeton University Is there a Link Between Foreclosure and Health?
Disney, Richard University of Nottingham Housing Wealth, Consumption and Household Indebtedness in the UK and US
Drechsler, Itamar New York University, Stern School of Business Risk Choice under High-Water Marks
Fleming, Michael Federal Reserve Bank of New York The Effects of the Treasury Fails Charge on Market Functioning
Gabaix, Xavier New York University, Stern School of Business Rare Disasters and Exchange Rates
Gagnon, Joe Peterson Institute of Internaional Economics Quantitative Easing with Banks
Giacomini, Raffaella University College London Incorporating theoretical restrictions into forecasting by projection methods
Goldberg, Penny Yale University Prices, Markups and Trade Reform
Gorodnichenko, Yuriy University of California, Berkeley The Cyclicality of Sales, Regular and Effective Prices: Business Cycles and Policy Implications
Gorton, Gary Yale University Who Ran on Repo?
Greenwood, Robin Harvard Business School Vulnerable Banks
Gurkaynak, Refet Bilkent University Market Perceptions of International Monetary Policy Dependence
Guvenen, Fatih University of Minnesota The Nature of Countercyclical Income Risk
Haltiwanger, John University of Maryland The Establishment-Level Behavior of Vacancies and Hiring
Han, Lu Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto A Spatial Look at Housing Boom & Bust Cycles
Hanson, Sam Harvard Business School A Comparative-Advantage Approach to Government Debt Maturity
Harrison, Richard Bank of England The Bank of England's New Forecasting Platform
Hollifield, Burton Carnegie Mellon University Bid-Ask Spreads and the Pricing of Securitizations: 144a vs. Registered Securitizations
Holter, Hans Uppsala University Marriage Stability, Taxation and Aggregate Labor Supply in the U.S. vs. Europe
Jermann, Urban Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania A Production-Based Model for the Term Structure
Johnson, Eric Columbia Business School Compensating Capabilities and Economic Decisions
Kahn, Lisa Yale University Job Durations, Match Quality and the Business Cycle: What We Can Learn from Firm Fixed Effects
Kelly, Bryan University of Chicago, Booth School of Business What's Systematic Among Systemic Risk Measures?
Kopczuk, Wojceich Columbia University Mansion Tax: The Effect of Transfer Taxes on the Residential Real Estate Market
Kowalik, Michal Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City TBD
Longstaff, Francis University of California, Los Angeles Macroeconomic Effects of Corporate Default Crises: A Long-Term Perspective
Lorenzoni, Guido Massachusetts Institute of Technology Credit Crises, Precautionary Savings, and the Liquidity Trap
Lusardi, Annamaria The George Washington University School of Business Retirement Planning and Financial Literacy Around the World
Manganelli, Simone European Central Bank VAR for VaR: Measuring Tail Dependence Using Multivariate Regression Quantiles
Mann, Catherine Brandeis University U.S. Treasury Auctions, foreign Bidders, and Fed Intervention
Melitz, Marc Princeton University Trade Liberalization and Firm Dynamics
Moench, Emanuel Federal Reserve Bank of New York The Pre-FOMC Announcement Drift
Moore, Tim George Washington University Disability Insurance Receipt and Changes in Health and Human Capital
Neuberger, Anthony Warwick Business School Realized Skewness
Niicolini, Juan Pablo Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis Monetary Policy During a Credit Crunch
Nini, Greg Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania Notes on Bonds: Liquidity at all Costs in the Great Recession
Ogawa, Kazuo Osaka University Did Divine Wind Rescue Japan from the Lost Decade? A Panel Study of Exporting Behavior of Japanese Manufacturing Firms
Ozdagli, Ali Federal Reserve Bank of Boston Monetary Policy Shocks and Stock Returns: Identification through Impossible Trinity
Patton, Andrew Duke University Modelling Dependence in High Dimensions with Factor Copulas
Petrosky-Nadeau, Nicolas Tepper School of Business An Equilibruim Asset Price Model with Labor Market Search
Phillipon, Thomas New York University Household Leverage and Sovereign Risk
Piazzesi, Monika Stanford University Banks' Risk Exposures
Rabanal, Pau International Monetary Fund Deciding to Entering a Monetary Union: The Role of Trade and Financial Linkages
Ray, Korok McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University Bank Disclosure and Managerial Incentives
Ries, Ricardo Columbia University The Role of Automatic Stabilizers in the U.S. Business Cycle
Rohwedder, Sasann RAND Corporation Consumption Smoothing During the Financial Crisis: The Effect of Unemployment on Household Spending
Rosa, Carlo Federal Reserve Bank of New York How "Unconventional" Are Large-Scale Asset Purchases? The Impact of Monetary Policy on Asset Prices.
Rosen, Richard Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago Why Do Borrowers Make Mortgage Refinancing Mistakes?
Roussanov, Nikolai Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania Houses as ATMs? Mortgage Refinancing and Macroeconomic Uncertainty?
Sandleris, Guido Torcuato Di Tella The political economy of sovereign defaults and market reaccess
Santacreu, Ana Maria INSEAD The exchange rate as an instrument of monetary policy
Schultz, Paul Mendoza College of Business, University of Notre Dame Municipal Bonds:  One Market or Fifty?
Shleifer, Andrei Harvard University Money Doctors
Simonovska, Ina University of California, Davis Different Trade Models, Different Trade Elasticities?
Simsek, A. Harvard University Speculation and Risk Sharing with New Financial Assets
Starhan, Phillip Boston College Financial Integration, Housing and Economic Volatility
Sunderam, Adi Harvard University The Quiet Run of 2011:  Money Market Funds and the European Debt Crisis
Urga, Giovanni Cass Business School, City University London A systemic risk indicator and monetary policy
Valkanov, Ross University of California, San Diego Conditional Skewness of Stock Market Returns in Developed and Emerging Markets and its Economic Fundamentals
Vedolin, Andrea London School of Economics International Correlation Risk
Wang, Neng Columbia University The Economics of Hedge Funds
Williams, Noah University of Wisconsin Financial Instability via Adaptive Learning
Wilson, Dan Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco Roads to Prosperity or Bridges to Nowhere? Theory and Evidence on the Impact of Public Infrastructure Investment
Wong, Maisy Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania Commercial Real Estate Debt
Wright, Jonathan Johns Hopkins University The Economics of Options-Implied Inflation Probability Density Functions
Zhou, Alex Rutgers Business School Informed Trading in Corporate Bonds prior to Earnings Announcements
Zhou, Guofu Washington University in St. Louis A New Anomaly: The Cross-Sectional Profitability of Technical Analysis
Zhu, Haoxiang MIT Sloan School of Management Do Dark Pools Harm Price Discovery?

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Last update: November 28, 2012