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Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
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Research ResourcesSeminars and Workshops

2012 Workshops

Workshops are internal presentations made by Board staff.

Presenter Topic
Ajello, Andrea (with Hiroatsu Tanaka) A DSGE Model of the Term Structure with Credit Frictions
Arseneau, David Commodity Price Movements in a General Equilibrium Model of Storage
Bhutta, Neil (with Jeremy Tobacman and Paige Skiba) Do payday loans affect creditworthiness? Evidence from payday applicants' credit records
Black, Lamont (with Alan Berger, Christa Bouwman, and Jennifer Dlugosz) Did Federal Reserve Lending Help Resolve the Financial Crisis?  Evidence from the Discount Window and Term Auction Facility
Bundick, Brent (IF Intern) Monetary Policy Rules and Conditional Commitments in a Liquidity Trap
Bundick, Brent (IF Intern, with Susanto Basu) Uncertainty Shocks in a Model of Effective Demand
Correa, Ricardo (with Lamont Black and Hao Zhou) The Systemic Risk of European Banks during the Financial and Sovereign Debt Crises
Curcuru, Stephanie (with Charles Thomas, Frank Warnock, and Jon Wongswan) Currency Returns and Rebalancing
Curcuru, Stephanie (with Olivia Kim, Mary Tian, and Carissa Tudor) Do foreign firms hold as much cash as US firms?
Datta, Deepa Nonparametric HAC Estimation for Time Series with Missing Observations
Datta, Deepa (with Juan-Miguel Londono-Yarce) Using Options-Implied PDFs to Understand Oil Market Events
DePooter, Michiel (with Patrice Robitaille) How Well-Anchored are Inflation Expectations in Brazil, Chile, and Mexico?
Dobrev, Dobrislav (with Ernst Schaumburg) Robust Forecasting with Many Predictors
Dobrev, Dobrislav (with Ernst Schaumburg) Detection and Attribution of Contemporaneous Foreign Exchange Rate Shocks: A High-Frequency Approach
Duan, Yaxin What drives asset illiquidity? An examination of the corporate bond market
Ericsson, Neil Detecting Crises, Jumps, and Changes in Regime
Ericsson, Neil Detecting and Quantifying Biases in Government Forecasts of the U.S. Gross Federal Debt
Foley-Fiser, Nathan Explaining Sovereign Bond-CDS Arbitrage Violations During the Financial Crisis 2008-09
Gagnon, Etienne (with David Lopez-Salido and N. Vincent) Individual Price Adjustment along the Extensive Margin
Goldberg, Jonathan Deleveraging Dynamics
Gruber, Joe (with Rob Vigfusson) Interest Rates and the Volatility and Correlation of Commodity Prices
Kondo, Illenin (with Sewon Hur) A Theory of Sudden Stops, Foreign Reserves, and Rollover Risk in Emerging Economies
Marquez, Jaime The Creation and Evolution of the Division of International Finance
Nailwaik, Jeremy (with Eugenio Pinto) Parsing and Forecasting the Five Stages of the Business Cycle
Nekarda, Chris (with Regis Barnichon) The Ins and Outs of Forecasting Unemployment: Using Labor Force Flows to Forecast the Labor Market
Panousi, Vasia (with Catarina Reis) Optimal Capital Taxation with Idiosyncratic Investment Risk
Panousi, Vasia (with Jason DeBacker, Bradley Heim, and Ivan Vidangos) Estimating the Variance of Business Income Using a Panel of US Tax Returns 1987-2006
Park, Jungjae (IF Intern) Contagion of sovereign default risk:  a role of two financial frictions
Pruitt, Seth A European Twist: The Efficacy of the Securities Markets Programme
Pruitt, Seth (with Jinill Kim) Estimating Monetary Policy Rules When Interest Rates are Stuck at Zero
Sabelhous, John (with Sam Ackerman) The Effect of Self-Reported Transitory Income Shocks on Household Spending
Scotti, Chiara Real-time Aggregation of Macroeconomic Surprises: a Real Activity Surprise Index
Sharpe, Steven (with Gene Amromin) From the Horse's Mouth: How do Investor Expectations of Risk and Return Vary with Economic Conditions?
Stella, Andrea Firm Dynamics and the Origins of Aggregate Fluctuations
Thomas, Charles (with Corinne Land and Jaime Marquez) International Relative Prices: Measurement and Applications
Trabandt, Mathias and Jesper Linde The Government Spending Multiplier
Vigfusson, Robert Permanence in Oil Prices: Futures Markets 2002-2005
Vigfusson, Robert International Evidence on Price and Output Responses to Oil Price Increases
Yue, Vivian A Unified Model of International Trade and Structural Adjustments:  Theory and Evidence from China

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Last update: November 28, 2012