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District: 6
Federal Reserve Bank of: Atlanta

Filings received during the week ending August 26, 2017

Filer Filing Type Filing Proposal End of Comment Period
OCEAN BANKSHARES, INC. CIC After-the-fact and prior change in control notice filed by Agostinho Alfonso Macedo Moncayo, Adriana Macedo Moncayo, Olga E. Macedo de Pita, Mercedes Coromoto de Abreu Gonzalez, Alejandro Jose Pita Macedo, Ricardo Andres Pita Macedo, Javier Andres Macedo Rodriguez, Joanna Graterol Macedo, Juan Javier Graterol Macedo, Massimo Xavier Marzari Macedo, Juan Jose de Abreu Macedo, Ernesto Jose de Abreu Pestana, Juan Christopher de Abreu, Jose Steve de Abreu, Bryan Eduardo de Abreu, Alberto Jose de Abreu, and Oliver David de Abreu Felipe, all of Miami, Florida; Maria Alejandra de Abreu Pestana, of New York City, New York; Jonathan Gabriel de Abreu Felipe, of Madrid, Spain; Miguel Antonio de Abreu Felipe, of Belfast, Northern Ireland; Sandra Macedo Moncayo, Javier Macedo Rodriguez, Belkis Macedo de Graterol, Candida Isabel Macedo Rodriguez, Nelly Macedo Rodriguez, Ernesto de Abreu Gonzalez, Carmen Elena de Abreu, Jose Alberto de Abreu Gonzalez, Diego Jose Macedo Rodriguez, and Juan Pablo de Abreu Macedo, all of Caracas, Venezuela; as well as certain minor children of the listed individuals; Individual Irrevocable Trust Settlement, Villas Irrevocable Trust Settlement, Carlota I Irrevocable Trust Settlement, Carlota II Irrevocable Trust Settlement, Admac Irrevocable Trust Settlement, Norte I Irrevocable Trust Settlement, Norte II Irrevocable Trust Settlement, Ricale Irrevocable Trust Settlement, Asao Holdings Revocable Trust Settlement, Asao Holding Irrevocable Trust Settlement, Aventura Irrevocable Trust Settlement, Los Roques Irrevocable Trust Settlement, Belma Irrevocable Trust Settlement, Joanvier Irrevocable Trust Settlement, Valcan Irrevocable Trust Settlement, Chrisnass Irrevocable Trust Settlement, Nelma Irrevocable Trust Settlement, Jupab Irrevocable Trust Settlement, Juanjo Irrevocable Trust Settlement, Santorini Irrevocable Trust Settlement, Mykonos Irrevocable Trust Settlement, Carmen Elena de Abreu Irrevocable Trust Settlement, Luitxi Irrevocable Trust Settlement, Acaymo Irrevocable Trust Settlement, Joscarda Irrevocable Trust Settlement, and Valle Colino Irrevocable Trust Settlement, all of Miami, Florida; and related entities, to retain and acquire voting shares of Ocean Bankshares, Inc., Miami, Florida, and thereby retain and acquire shares of Ocean Bank, Miami, Florida.
Newspaper: Not available
Federal Register: 09/11/2017
PRIORITYONE CAPITAL CORPORATION CIC After-the-fact change in control notice filed by Wirt Adams Yerger, Jr.; Mary Montague Yerger; Wirt Adams Yerger, IV; Wirt Adams Yerger, IV as custodian for Anny Elizabeth Yerger, Jane Ellen Yerger, and Mary Adams Yerger; Mary Montague Yerger Dunbar; Mary Montague Yerger Dunbar as trustee for Mary Montague Yerger Dunbar Revocable Trust; Mary Montague Yerger Dunbar, Custodian of Mary Montague Dunbar, all of Jackson, Mississippi; Wirt Adams Yerger, III and Linda Biggers Yerger, Inlet Beach, Florida; John Taylor Yerger, Dallas, Texas; Richard Montague Yerger, Birmingham, Alabama; James David Yerger, Raleigh, North Carolina; Thomas Yerger Dunbar and Wirt Yerger Dunbar, both of Austin, Texas; Frank Montague Yerger ; Frank Montague Yerger, trustee for Frank Montague Yerger Revocable Trust; Jane P. Yerger ; Jane P. Yerger, trustee for Frank Montague Yerger, Jr., Trust 2; Jane P. Yerger, trustee for Sara Jane Rivers Yerger Trust; and Jane P. Yerger, Trustee for Harlan Prater Yerger Trust, all of Oxford, Mississippi, to collectively retain more than 25 percent of the shares of PriorityOne Capital Corporation, and its subsidiary, PriorityOne Bank, both of Magee, Mississippi.
Newspaper: 09/06/2017
Federal Register: 09/07/2017
REGIONS BANK PWI Regions Bank, Birmingham, Alabama, request for approval to make five public welfare investments.
Newspaper: Not applicable
Federal Register: Not applicable

Availability of CRA Public Evaluations

The Community Reinvestment Act is intended to encourage depository institutions to help meet the credit needs of the communities in which they operate, including low- and moderate-income neighborhoods. It was enacted by the Congress in 1977 (12 U.S.C. 2901) and is implemented by Regulation BB (12 CFR 228). The regulation was revised in May 1995.

The CRA requires that each depository institution's record in helping meet the credit needs of its entire community be evaluated periodically. That record is taken into account in considering an institution's application for deposit facilities.

A copy of an institution's CRA evaluation may be obtained directly from the institution or Reserve Bank.

Federal bank regulators use the following performance levels to rate an institution's performance under CRA:

O = Outstanding
S = Satisfactory
NI = Needs to improve
SN = Substantial noncompliance

The following state member banks have been examined and their CRA public evaluations are now available.
Institution / Location
Exam Date
Public Date
Exam Method

CRA Examinations scheduled for Fourth Quarter of 2017 (October 1, 2017 - December 31, 2017) and First Quarter of 2018 (January 1, 2018 - March 31, 2018)

Institution Location Quarter
HOMEBANC TAMPA, FLORIDAFirst Quarter of 2018

* Subject to the provisions of the Community Reinvestment Act

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Actions by the Board | Actions under delegated authority
Applications and reports:
Boston | New York | Philadelphia | Cleveland | Richmond | Atlanta
Chicago | St. Louis | Minneapolis | Kansas City | Dallas | San Francisco