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Financial Accounts of the United States - Z.1

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The Financial Accounts of the United States includes data on the flow of funds and levels of financial assets and liabilities, by sector and financial instrument; full balance sheets, including net worth, for households and nonprofit organizations, nonfinancial corporate businesses, and nonfinancial noncorporate businesses; Integrated Macroeconomic Accounts; and additional supplemental detail.

September 16, 2016 (2016:Q2 Release): HTML | 2.7 MB PDF | CSV

News: As previously announced, a single set of CSV files now replaces previously published CSV and historical data (PRN) files. In order to facilitate the transition to this new format, data for the 2016:Q2 Z.1 will be available in both formats through November 2016. PRN data files will not be published in December 2016. 2016:Q2 PRN



Z.1 release: 2016:Q2 data now available for the Financial Accounts of the United States

This release incorporates numerous revisions, structural changes, and enhancements. Major changes are described in the "Release Highlights" section of the publication. These and other changes, such as code changes, are also described in the online Financial Accounts Guide ( As previously announced, the file structure of the Z.1 release has changed. Z.1 release files now consist of a single Z.1 PDF, corresponding HTML tables, and single set of compressed CSV files with accompanying data dictionary text files. To help users transition to this new file format, compressed PRN files are available for this release only. Data are available for download through the Federal Reserve Data Download Program (DDP). Series that appear in published tables are available immediately. Underlying detail series are generally available for download within two business days of the Z.1 release. The next Z.1 release will be Thursday, December 8, 2016, at 12:00 noon.

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