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Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
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What's New

Items carried under Recent Developments, statistical releases issued less frequently than weekly, and other items posted over the past two weeks. Meetings of the Federal Reserve Board and all statistical releases are shown elsewhere.

August 19 Statistical Release
Charge-Off and Delinquency Rates on Loans and Leases at Commercial Banks
August 18 IFDP 2014-1114
The Role of Oil Price Shocks in Causing U.S. Recessions
August 18 IFDP 2014-1113
Estimating U.S. Cross-Border Securities Positions: New Data and New Methods
August 18 IFDP 2014-1112
Returns to Active Management: The Case of Hedge Funds
August 15 Press Release
Agencies provide additional guidance for certain resolution plans
August 15 Supervision Manuals
Bank Holding Company Supervision Manual
August 15 Credit and Liquidity Programs and the Balance Sheet
Recent balance sheet trends, weekly chart data update
August 15 Statistical Release
Industrial Production and Capacity Utilization - G.17
August 14 Press Release
Federal Reserve Board issues enforcement action with Bank of Gueydan
August 14 Reports to the Congress
Presidential $1 Coin Program
August 13 FEDS 2014-58
A Tale of Two Option Markets: Pricing Kernels and Volatility Risk
August 12 Legal Interpretations
Bank Holding Companies/Savings and Loan Holding Companies/Change in Control
August 11 Speech by Vice Chairman Stanley Fischer
The Great Recession: Moving Ahead
August 8 FEDS 2014-57
Unspanned macroeconomic factors in the yield curve
August 8 FEDS 2014-56
Firm Entry and Employment Dynamics in the Great Recession
August 8 IFDP 2014-1111
The Domestic and International Effects of Interstate U.S. Banking
August 8 Credit and Liquidity Programs and the Balance Sheet
Recent balance sheet trends, weekly chart data update
August 7 Statistical Release
Consumer Credit - G.19
August 7 FEDS 2014-55
Business to Business Credit to Small Firms
August 7 FEDS 2014-54
Stochastic Intensity Models of Wrong Way Risk: Wrong Way CVA Need Not Exceed Independent CVA
August 7 FEDS 2014-53
Limited Deposit Insurance Coverage and Bank Competition
August 7 Press Release
Federal Reserve Board issues Report on the Economic Well-Being of U.S. Households
August 7 Federal Reserve Bulletin
Legal Developments: Second Quarter, 2014
August 7 Proposal for Comment
Proposal to approve under OMB delegated authority the revision, without extension, of the following reports: FR Y-9C and FR Y-9SP
August 7 Press Release
Federal Reserve Board announces termination of enforcement action with Stark Bank Group and First American Bank
August 6 Press Release
Federal Reserve announces it has not objected to a resubmitted capital plan from Bank of America Corporation
August 5 Press Release
Agencies provide feedback on second round resolution plans of "First-Wave" filers
Last update: August 19, 2014