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Series analyzer for FA103069100.A

Nonfinancial corporate business; commercial paper; asset

Data Source

Level is calculated from the QFR, Table 70.1 - Balance Sheet for Corporations in the NAICS Manufacturing Sector, Total Assets $25 Million and Over, line Commercial and finance company paper of U.S. issuers; multiplied by one plus the ratio of line Total Assets from the SOI, Corporation Income Tax Returns, Returns of Active Corporations, Table 6 - Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Tax, and Other Selected Items, by Major Industry, Services sector, to line Total Assets from the QFR, Table 1.1 - Balance Sheet for Corporations in the NAICS Manufacturing Sector, All Total Asset Sizes. The services sector includes the following industries from the SOI : Information; Professional, scientific, and technical services; Administrative and support and waste management and remediation services; Educational services; Health care and social assistance; Arts, entertainment, and recreation; Accommodation and food services; and Other services. Unadjusted flow is the change in the level; seasonally adjusted flow is obtained using X-12-ARIMA procedure.

Shown on: F.102 Line 18, F.103 Line 23, F.208 Line 19, Flows_matrix Line 24:3, 620_matrix Line 10:2, S.5.Q Line 33
Derived from:
FOF CodeDescription
+ FU103069100.ANonfinancial corporate business; commercial paper; asset
+ FS103069100.ANonfinancial corporate business; commercial paper; asset

Used in:
FOF CodeDescription
- FA103093005.ANonfinancial corporate business; unidentified miscellaneous assets
- FA503069105.AFunding corporations; commercial paper; asset
+ FA104004005.ANonfinancial corporate business; credit market instruments; asset
+ FA104090005.ANonfinancial corporate business; total financial assets
+ FA104001005.ANonfinancial corporate business; liquid assets
+ FA383069105.ADomestic nonfinancial sectors; commercial paper; asset
+ FA104022005.ANonfinancial corporate business; debt securities; asset
+ FA883069175.AAll domestic sectors; open market paper; asset
Last update: March 6, 2014