Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System

Financial Accounts Guide

Series analyzer for FA155111005.Q

Households and nonprofit organizations; consumer durable goods, current cost basis

Data Source

Year-end level from BEA, Fixed Asset Table 1.1 Current-Cost Net Stock of Fixed Assets and Consumer Durable Goods; line 13, Consumer durable goods. Other quarter's levels are derived from year-end level, plus the quarterly unadjusted flow calculated as gross investment (FOF series FU155111003) less depreciation (FOF series FU156300103), plus an estimate of capital gains based on NIPA, table 1.1.4 Price Indexes for Gross Domestic Product, line 4, Durable goods.

Shown on: F.10 Line 30, F.10 Line 42, F.101 Line 8
Derived from:
FOF CodeDescription
+ FA155111003.QHouseholds and nonprofit organizations; gross fixed investment, consumer durable goods
- FA156300103.QHouseholds and nonprofit organizations; consumption of fixed capital, consumer durable goods

Used in:
FOF CodeDescription
- FA176007005.QPersonal sector; personal saving excluding consumer durables and federal government life insurance reserves and Railroad Retirement Board and National Railroad Retirement Investment Trust pension fund reserves (FOF)
+ FA158100005.QHouseholds and nonprofit organizations; holding gains on assets at current cost
+ FA155099465.QHouseholds and nonprofit organizations; assets less liabilities excluding directly and indirectly held corporate equities and owner-occupied housing
Last update: March 6, 2014