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Financial Accounts Guide

Series analyzer for FL644004005.Q

Real estate investment trusts; credit market instruments; asset


= + FL643063005 + FL643061773 + FL643065005

Shown on: L.1 Line 48, L.128 Line 3
Derived from:
FOF CodeDescription
+ FL643063005.QReal estate investment trusts; corporate and foreign bonds; asset
+ FL643061773.QMortgage real estate investment trusts; agency- and GSE-backed securities; asset
+ FL643065005.QReal estate investment trusts; total mortgages; asset

Used in:
FOF CodeDescription
- FL643093005.QReal estate investment trusts; unidentified miscellaneous assets
+ FL644090005.QReal estate investment trusts; total financial assets
+ FL794002005.QFinancial business; credit and equity market instruments; asset
+ FL794004005.QFinancial business; credit market instruments; asset
+ FL894002005.QAll sectors; credit and equity market instruments; asset
Last update: March 6, 2014