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Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
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Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System

International Training and Technical Assistance (ITA)
for Bank Supervisors

Anti-Money Laundering Examination SeminarFederal Reserve System Courses

Type of Participant Targeted

This program is for all examiners with more than six months of field examination experience and who are interested in developing techniques for targeted anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing examinations.



Course Overview

This course is designed to provide examiners with an understanding of the importance of reviewing the operational, legal, and reputational risks with regard to money laundering and terrorist financing and their impact on the overall bank rating assessment. The course provides examiners with guidance on assessing the money laundering risks associated with know-your-customer procedures, foreign correspondent banking, wire transfers, private banking, counter-terrorist financing, and suspicious activity reporting. This course will also discuss the USA PATRIOT Act and the current FATF 40 + 9 recommendations and will cover the U.S. experience and regulatory perspective. The case study method will be utilized to highlight and analyze certain key risks in a bank's high-risk business areas.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this 4-1/2-day seminar, the participant will, at a minimum, have

  • A working knowledge of anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing terminology
  • An overall understanding of the key risks associated with money laundering and the impact on the bank's overall risk management
  • A familiarity with examination procedures utilized to review high-risk areas, as well as the bank's internally published anti-money laundering program and procedures
  • An understanding of the roles of the risk manager and compliance officer within the environment of the bank
  • An ability to apply anti-money laundering examination concepts consistently among different-sized banks

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Last update: March 1, 2016