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Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
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What's New

Items carried under Recent Developments, statistical releases issued less frequently than weekly, and other items posted over the past two weeks. Meetings of the Federal Reserve Board and all statistical releases are shown elsewhere.

July 6 Press Release
Agencies post public sections of resolution plans
July 6 Press Release
Agencies announce EGRPRA outreach meeting in Kansas City focusing on rural banking issues
July 6 FEDS 2015-048
Monetary Policy, Hot Housing Markets and Leverage
July 6 FEDS 2015-047
Monetary Policy 101: A Primer on the Fed's Changing Approach to Policy Implementation
July 6 Credit and Liquidity Programs and the Balance Sheet
Recent balance sheet trends, weekly chart update
July 2 Press Release
Federal Reserve Board issues enforcement actions with Cooperatieve Centrale Raiffeisen-Boerenleenbank B.A. and Rabobank Nederland, and Seaway Bancshares, and termination of enforcement actions with Cherokee Bancshares, Inc., First Chatsworth Bankshares, Inc., and Olmsted Holding Corporation
July 2 IFDP Notes
Did the West Coast Port Dispute Contribute to the First-Quarter GDP Slowdown?
July 1 Regulatory Reform
Communications with the public through July 1, 2015
July 1 FEDS Notes
Prices for Data Storage Equipment and the State of IT Innovation
July 1 Press Release
Federal Reserve Board releases first determination of the aggregate consolidated liabilities of all financial companies in accordance with section 622 of the Dodd-Frank Act
July 1 Surveys and Reports
Senior Credit Officer Opinion Survey on Dealer Financing Terms, June 2015
July 1 Statistical Release
Foreign Exchange Rates - G.5
July 1 Speech by Governor Lael Brainard
Recent Changes in the Resilience of Market Liquidity
June 30 Speech by Vice Chairman Stanley Fischer
Monetary Policy in the United States and in Developing Countries
June 30 FEDS 2015-046
Is the Intrinsic Value of Macroeconomic News Announcements Related to their Asset Price Impact?
June 29 Press Release
Agencies issue host state loan-to-deposit ratios
June 29 Statistical Release
Finance Companies - G.20
June 29 Models and Tools
FRB/US model packages June update and Technical Q&As
June 26 FEDS 2015-45
Inflation Expectations and Monetary Policy Design: Evidence from the Laboratory
June 25 SR 15-8
Name Check Process for Domestic and International Applications
June 25 Press Release
Federal Reserve Board issues enforcement action and termination of enforcement action with Fayette County Bank
June 25 Speech by Governor Jerome H. Powell
Building a Safer Payment System
June 24 Speech by Vice Chairman Stanley Fischer
Supervisory Stress Testing of Large Systemic Financial Institutions
June 23 Legal Interpretations
Bank Holding Companies/Savings and Loan Holding Companies/Change in Control - 2015 Letters
June 23 Press Release
Federal Reserve Board issues enforcement action with Bank of the Orient
Last update: July 6, 2015