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FEDS Working

Finance and Economics Discussion Series

September 2019 (Revised March 2020)
Tractable Rare Disaster Probability and Options-Pricing

Robert J. Barro and Gordon Y. Liao

March 2020
Dynamic Beveridge Curve Accounting

Hie Joo Ahn and Leland D. Crane

March 2020
When is the Fiscal Multiplier High? A Comparison of Four Business Cycle Phases

Travis Berge, Maarten De Ridder and Damjan Pfajfar

IFDP Working

International Finance Discussion Papers

November 2018 (Revised March 2020)
News and Uncertainty Shocks

Danilo Cascaldi-Garcia and Ana Beatriz Galvao

February 2020
Avoiding Sovereign Default Contagion: A Normative Analysis

Sergio de Ferra and Enrico Mallucci

February 2020
How Much Will the Belt and Road Initiative Reduce Trade Costs?

François de Soyres, Alen Mulabdic, Siobhan Murray, Nadia Rocha, and Michele Ruta

Models and Tools

FRB/US Model:

A large-scale estimated general equilibrium model of the U.S. economy for FRB/US Model

Yield Curve Models and Data:

Models of daily yield curves, and a dynamic term structure model of Treasury yields

Estimated Dynamic Optimization (EDO) Model:

A medium-scale New Keynesian dynamic stochastic general equilibrium (DSGE) model of the U.S. economy.

Survey of Consumer Finances (SCF):

Information on families' balance sheets, pensions, income, and demographic characteristics

Last Update: March 27, 2020
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