FEDS Working

Finance and Economics Discussion Series

June 2019 (Revised June 2019)
A Unified Measure of Fed Monetary Policy Shocks

Chunya Bu, John Rogers, and Wenbin Wu

May 2019
Inflation and Deflationary Biases in Inflation Expectations

Michael J. Lamla, Damjan Pfajfar, and Lea Rendell

May 2019
The costs and benefits of liquidity regulations: Lessons from an idle monetary policy tool

Christopher J. Curfman and John Kandrac

Models and Tools

FRB/US Model:

A large-scale estimated general equilibrium model of the U.S. economy for FRB/US Model

Estimated Dynamic Optimization (EDO) Model:

A medium-scale New Keynesian dynamic stochastic general equilibrium (DSGE) model of the U.S. economy.

Survey of Consumer Finances (SCF):

Information on families' balance sheets, pensions, income, and demographic characteristics

Last Update: June 7, 2019
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