Visiting Scholars

Name (First Last) Affiliation Topic
Darrell Duffie Stanford GSB Reserves Were Not So Ample After All (joint with Adam Copeland & Yilin (David) Yang)
    Treasury Market Dysfunction: What Explains it and How can it be Addressed, in the Last Resort, with Official-Section Purchases?
Toni Ahnert European Central Bank CBDC and Financial Stability (joint with Peter Hoffmann, Agnese Leonello, and Davide Porcellacchia)
Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh Columbia Business School Understanding Rationality and Disagreement in House Price Expectations (joint with Zigang Li and Wang Renzuan)
    Work From Home and the Office Real Estate Apocalypse (joint Vrinda Mittal & Aprit Gupta)
Anna Cieslak Duke University Fuqua School of Business Tough Talk: The Fed and the Risk Premium
Francesco Bianchi Johns Hopkins University discussion of "Can Deficits Finance Themselves?" By George-Marios Angeletos, Chen Lian, and Christian K. Wolf
    discussion of "Expectations and the Neutrality of Interest Rates" by John Cochrane
Silvia Sarpietro University of Bologna Estimation of Higher-Order Moments and Nonlinearities with Panel Data
    Estimation of Nonlinearities in Persistence with Panel Data
Aleksander Berentsen University of Basel Unifying Ownership and Control: How Decentralized Finance redefines Finance
    An Introduction to Zero-Knowledge Proofs in Blockchain Economics (joint with Jeremias Lenzi and Remo Nyffengger)
Dacheng Xiu University of Chicago Booth School of Business Business News and Business Cycles (joint with Leland Bybee, Bryan T. Kelly, and Asaf Manela)
Linda Tesar University of Michigan Should I Stay or Should I Go? The Response of Labor Migration to Economic Shocks (joint with Andrea Foschi, Chris House, Christian Proebsting)
George Alessandria University of Rochester Trade-Policy Dynamics: Evidence from 60 Years of U.S.-Chine Trade (joint with Shafaat Yar Khan, Armen Khederlarian, Kim Ruhl, and Joseph Steinberg)
Laura Castillo-Martinez Duke University Firm Exit and Financial Frictions (joint with Gideon Bornstein)
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