The Federal Reserve Board sponsors organizations under federal programs that provide priority telecommunications services to entities that are important to national security and emergency preparedness (NS/EP). These programs, which are administered by the National Communications System, help facilitate the operation and liquidity of banks and the stability of financial markets, particularly during periods of substantial operational disruptions. The Board sponsors large-value payment, clearing, and settlement systems that meet its criteria for services available under the Telecommunications Service Priority (TSP), Government Emergency Telecommunications Service (GETS), and the Wireless Priority Services (WPS) programs. The Board will sponsor for TSP critical circuits necessary for operation of the large-value system. In addition, the Board will extend TSP to cover the access and supporting circuits necessary to connect key participants that transmit a daily average aggregate value of at least $2 billion to the large-value system and may sponsor other circuits as conditions warrant. Eligible organizations regulated by the Federal Reserve can also enroll key management and operations staff in the GETS and WPS programs. Eligible organizations not regulated by the Federal Reserve need to contact their regulator for sponsorship in the GETS and WPS programs. Sponsored organizations will be responsible for the costs associated with these NS/EP programs that are assessed by their telecommunication service providers.

Priority Telecommunication Services Policy

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Last Update: August 02, 2013