Generally, the Board uses competitive bidding procedures to acquire supplies and services, which means that the Board issues a solicitation, and companies respond by submitting bids. The Board awards contracts after evaluating the bidders' prices, and in some cases, the bidders' technical abilities. Some solicitations require bidders to attend one or more pre-proposal meetings to review procedures and specifications. In such circumstances, bidders must attend these meetings and submit complete proposals by the due date to be considered for contract award. Alternatively, the Board may purchase supplies and services listed on the General Services Administration Federal Supply Schedule without further competition.

The Board has established a Supplier Diversity Program to facilitate contracting opportunities for diverse suppliers. Diverse suppliers include small businesses and businesses that are owned by minorities, women, veterans, and service-disabled veterans. The goals and activities of the Program are described in more detail in the following paragraphs.

Supplier Registration

Thank you for your interest in becoming a supplier for the Board. By completing the Board's Supplier Registration process, you will assist Board staff by identifying yourself or your company as a potential supplier. While completion of this process does not guarantee future opportunities with the Board, it will bring your capabilities to the attention of Board staff whose role is to match supplier capabilities with specific acquisition activities. Suppliers should note that the Board's supplier database is not linked to the Central Contractor Registration (CCR), the primary vendor database used by many Federal agencies, so it is necessary for a potential supplier to complete the Board's registration form on this site to be entered into the Board's supplier database. Once a supplier registers with the Board by completing and submitting the online registration form, Board staff will be able to view the supplier's information and capabilities when searching for potential suppliers, and will contact the supplier when appropriate contracting opportunities arise.

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Last Update: December 08, 2022