Vendor Outreach Fair

Given the disruptions caused by the COVID19 virus, the Federal Reserve has decided to cancel the Vendor Outreach Fair. The decision was made due to our priority to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our staff and guests.

In lieu of the Vendor Outreach Fair, the Federal Reserve Board invites you to participate in its Summer Series of webinars. Our goal through these 1-hour webinars is to connect you with information regarding the Board's upcoming contracting opportunities and resources you will need to help you navigate during these unprecedented times. For more information, visit the Summer Webinar Series page.

The Board's biennial Vendor Outreach Fair provides participating firms an opportunity to market their products and services to program managers and procurement representatives from the Federal Reserve Board, Reserve Banks, and other federal government agencies. Participating firms will have the benefit of receiving comprehensive information regarding upcoming contracting opportunities.

In addition, the fair features educational sessions that will share key strategies for success when participating in the Board's acquisition process as well as procurement roundtable matchmaking, networking, and an energetic exhibition.

To learn more about doing business with the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, please see our online resources at:

For additional information, please e-mail Marleitha Williams at


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Last Update: September 24, 2018