Procuring the Future

Acquisition Planning Forecast

We value the fair inclusion of diverse suppliers throughout our organization. Listed below are upcoming procurement opportunities. For more information about these opportunities, please contact Supplier Diversity Program Specialist, Marleitha G. Williams.

Expiring Contract Date Acquisition Division*
16-Apr-18 Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise Licenses and Support MGT
18-Apr-18 Glyco Mix MGT
30-Apr-18 CLEAR Subscription OIG
30-Apr-18 HP EliteBooks and EliteDesks Hardware and Support BDM
16-May-18 User Productivity Kit - Professional Developer and Employee Licenses and Support MGT
25-May-18 Core Technology MicroFocus Renewal MGT
31-May-18 ACL Analytics Renewal OIG
31-May-18 Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (to include renewal -- SA only on WINSVR and SC) DCCA
31-May-18 Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (to include renewal -- SA only on WINSVR and SC) DCCA
31-May-18 Microsoft Licenses DCCA
31-May-18 Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (to include renewal -- SA only on WINSVR and SC) IT
19-Jun-18 Contact Canvas (integration development platform) MGT
24-Jun-18 Building Commissioning Services MGT
29-Jun-18 Microsoft Premier Support Services and Renewals IT
30-Jun-18 Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server R&S
14-Jul-18 TOAD Maintenance MGT
16-Jul-18 Policy IQ Licenses DFM
2-Aug-18 Recycling Units MGT
7-Aug-18 Ricoh MPC-5503 Copiers BDM
20-Aug-18 Dell Venue 11 Pro Tablets MGT
18-Sep-18 Microsoft Surface Pro MGT
20-Sep-18 Video Equipment BDM
24-Sep-18 Articulate Storyline 3 (Software for Creating Online Courses) BDM
24-Sep-18 Oracle Data Masking MGT
29-Sep-18 Dell PowerEdge R730xd Servers - DCRP IT
24-Oct-18 Case Management and Tracking System OIG
30-Oct-18 HP Docking Station and Service Legal
13-Nov-18 RS Means Library Package MGT
14-Nov-18 Oracle Exalytics Ten Times Memory Consultant MGT
26-Nov-18 eDiscovery Workstation Legal
30-Nov-18 Nexpose and FDCC/USGCB Template for FISMA Audits OIG
13-Dec-18 Light Credentialing Kit MGT
31-Dec-18 AltaScan Store n Forward (SNF) MGT
31-Dec-18 Bronze Ballard Cleaning MGT
31-Dec-18 Building Material Audits Indoor Air Quality and Water Testing MGT
31-Dec-18 Elevator and Escalator Maintenance and Repair Service MGT
31-Dec-18 EMC Renewals BDM
31-Dec-18 Emergency Notification Services MGT
31-Dec-18 Employee Assistance Program MGT
31-Dec-18 Employee Relations Services/Mediation and Job Coaching COO/MGT
31-Dec-18 Fire Protection System: Testing and Maintenance MGT
31-Dec-18 First Aid Training MGT
31-Dec-18 Flu Vaccine MGT
31-Dec-18 Information Technology Cisco Maintenance IT
31-Dec-18 Intranet (Inside the Board) Consultant MGT
31-Dec-18 Iridium Satellite Access MGT
31-Dec-18 Legal Consulting Services Related to Leased Space MGT
31-Dec-18 Premium Annual Maintenance and Searchable PDF Annual Maintenance Legal
31-Dec-18 Looseleaf Filing Service for Legal Library Legal
31-Dec-18 Offsite Mail Screening Service MGT
31-Dec-18 Oil MGT
31-Dec-18 Online Video Platform BDM
31-Dec-18 PTC ArborText Renewal BDM
31-Dec-18 SAINT License OIG
31-Dec-18 Sim Cards and Phone service MGT
31-Dec-18 Technology Services Consulting (IDIQ/BOA) - Oracle, PeopleSoft, etc. MGT
31-Dec-18 Threat Assessment Services MGT
31-Dec-18 Training Courses for Financial Institution Examiners (FFIEC) FFIEC
31-Dec-18 Transcription Services BDM
31-Dec-18 Uniforms and Equipment for Law Enforcement MGT
31-Dec-18 VTC Maintenance Contract IT
31-Dec-18 VTC Maintenance Contract MGT
31-Dec-18 Hardware Maintenance IT
28-Feb-19 Application Management Pack - Software MGT
28-Feb-19 Software Renewal: PeopleSoft eCompensation Manager, ePortal Manager, and eProfile Manager MGT
16-Mar-19 Kenexa/Provelt MGT
20-Apr-19 Hewlett Packard 9480M BDM
1-Jun-19 AMC Contact Canvas Software for PeopleSoft HR Helpdesk System MGT
5-Jul-19 Matlab Product R&S
12-Aug-19 CA ERwin Maintenance Renewals MGT
31-Dec-19 Backup Child and Elder Care MGT
31-Dec-19 BOA for 508 Compliance Services RBOPS
31-Dec-19 Dental insurance Plan MGT
31-Dec-19 FFIEC Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Credit Analysis Course FFIEC
31-Dec-19 Fire Range Biannual Maintenance MGT
31-Dec-19 Firing Range Cleaning MGT
31-Dec-19 Fitness Center Management MGT
31-Dec-19 Gun Ammunition MGT
31-Dec-19 HR Consultant RBOPS
31-Dec-19 Interview Architect and Leadership Architect Licenses - Express MGT
31-Dec-19 Laundry/Dry Cleaning Service MGT
31-Dec-19 Legal Services (Document Review and Litigation) Legal
31-Dec-19 Life Insurance Program MGT
31-Dec-19 MAC Network and Searchable Media Asset Management System BDM
31-Dec-19 Medical Physician Services MGT
31-Dec-19 Outdoor Grounds Maintenance MGT
31-Dec-19 Pest Control Services MGT
31-Dec-19 Postage Machines MGT
31-Dec-19 Printer Mail Operations MGT
31-Dec-19 Section 508 Compliance Services OSEC
31-Dec-19 Shuttle Transportation Services MGT
31-Dec-19 Stone Restoration, Cleaning, Replacement MGT
31-Dec-19 Tax Service Print and Online Pay and Wage Garnishment Services DFM
31-Dec-19 Testing, Training, and Exercise (TT) Support MGT
31-Dec-19 Veterinary Services for Law Enforcement Canines MGT
31-Dec-19 Vision Plan for Board employees MGT
31-Dec-19 Window Cleaning Services MGT
31-Dec-19 X-Ray Maintenance Renewal MGT
Ongoing Air Filters N/A
Ongoing Building Construction N/A
Ongoing Building Supplies N/A
Ongoing Cisco Hardware & Software N/A
Ongoing Copier Leases N/A
Ongoing Copier Paper N/A
Ongoing Electrical Supplies N/A
Ongoing Equipment Maintenance N/A
Ongoing Facility Maintenance N/A
Ongoing HP Desktops/Laptops & Software N/A
Ongoing HR Training & Consultants N/A
Ongoing Janitorial Supplies N/A
Ongoing Long Distance Services N/A
Ongoing Office Supplies N/A
Ongoing Promotional Products N/A
Ongoing Server Maintenance N/A
Ongoing Software Licenses (Cisco, Oracle, PeopleSoft) N/A
Ongoing Vehicle Leasing/Purchasing N/A

Division Acronym Key*

Division Name Acronym
Division of Consumer & Community Affairs DCCA
Division of Financial Management DFM
Division of Information Technology IT
Division of Research and Statistics R&S
Division of Reserve Bank Operations & Payment Systems RBOPS
Division of Supervision & Regulation S&R
Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council FFIEC
Legal Division Legal
Management Division MGT
Office of Board Members BDM
Office of the Chief Operating Officer COO
Office of Inspector General OIG
Office of the Secretary OSEC
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Last Update: March 27, 2018