Procuring the Future

Acquisition Planning Forecast

We value the fair inclusion of diverse suppliers throughout our organization. Listed below are upcoming procurement opportunities. For more information about these opportunities, please contact Supplier Diversity Program Specialist, Marleitha G. Williams.

Expiring Contract Date Acquisition Description Contact
8-May-19 R Scope Support Danielle Calderone
15-May-19 Core Impact Machine (Device) License, Perpetual Maintenance Natasha Jones
15-May-19 Recovery Manager for AD Standard Edition Eshe Reid
23-May-19 Centrify Enterprise Edition Jay Khandekar
27-May-19 ERwin Renewal Jay Khandekar
31-May-19 Palo Alto Subscription and Support Renewals Danielle Calderone
31-May-19 Cloudera Renewal Jay Khandekar
31-May-19 FireEye Maintenance Renewal Jay Khandekar
31-May-19 NetApp Maintenance Jay Khandekar
31-May-19 Cloudera Renewal Jay Khandekar
31-May-19 Juniper Maintenance Renewal Eshe Reid
31-May-19 Anaconda Enterprise Eshe Reid
31-May-19 AppleCare OS Support - Preferred - Technical Support Eshe Reid
31-May-19 MatLabs Eshe Reid
7-Jun-19 Malwarebytes Jay Khandekar
8-Jun-19 GitLab License Jay Khandekar
19-Jun-19 Varonis DatAdvantage Jay Khandekar
28-Jun-19 Zix Gateway Licenses Jay Khandekar
30-Jun-19 TIBCO Bronze Maintenance Support Danielle Calderone
30-Jun-19 Red Hat Linux Server Renewal Danielle Calderone
30-Jun-19 Dynatrace Renewal Maintenance Jay Khandekar
30-Jun-19 NetApp Secure Edge Maintenance Jay Khandekar
30-Jun-19 Stata Renewal Jay Khandekar
30-Jun-19 IBM Endpoint Manager Jay Khandekar
30-Jun-19 Paper Stock Jerome Smith
2-Jul-19 Centrify for Servers- Enterprise Edition Jay Khandekar
8-Jul-19 Trustwave DB Protect Jay Khandekar
15-Jul-19 TOAD Renewal Shelly Johnson
6-Aug-19 Dell Extended Warranty Jay Khandekar
14-Aug-19 Tenable Security Maintenance Renewal Jay Khandekar
22-Aug-19 Ricoh DMDX Lisa Bouchelle
22-Aug-19 iText Technical Support and Software Maintenance Tiffany Poku-Sarkodee
28-Aug-19 VEEAM Software Renewal Jay Khandekar
31-Aug-19 Symantec Software Maintenance Jay Khandekar
31-Aug-19 AssetTrack Support and Maintenance Tiffany Poku-Sarkodee
1-Sep-19 HyTrust License Jay Khandekar
6-Sep-19 WhiteHat Sentinel Jay Khandekar
19-Sep-19 RStudio Shiny Server Jay Khandekar
30-Sep-19 HPE Security WebInspect Natasha Jones
30-Sep-19 HPE License Jay Khandekar
15-Oct-19 Exceed TurboX Premium Licenses Danielle Calderone
17-Oct-19 n/ Software Renewal Tiffany Poku-Sarkodee
31-Oct-19 Niksun Platinum Care Package Jay Khandekar
15-Nov-19 Red Hat Openshift Container Platform Standard 9x5 Phone and Web Support Natasha Jones
18-Nov-19 GitKraken Enterprise Natasha Jones
19-Nov-19 HERE US Data and Geocoding Licenses Natasha Jones
19-Nov-19 WinZip 22 Renewal Eshe Reid
29-Nov-19 SAS Office Analytics, SAS/ETS, SAS/IML Tiffany Poku-Sarkodee
6-Dec-19 RStudio Server Pro Natasha Jones
16-Dec-19 nSHIELD Connect Natasha Jones
29-Dec-19 Core Impact License Natasha Jones
30-Dec-19 Autodesk Renewal Shelly Johnson
30-Dec-19 Migrate SAS EDI to SAS Data Management Standard Tiffany Poku-Sarkodee
31-Dec-19 Basic Ordering Agreement for 508 Compliance Services Lisa Bouchelle
31-Dec-19 Shuttle Transportation Services Lisa Bouchelle
31-Dec-19 Backup Child and Elder Care Lisa Bouchelle
31-Dec-19 Boardwide Life Insurance Kristin Ghandi
31-Dec-19 TT Support Shelly Johnson
31-Dec-19 Laundry/Dry Cleaning Service Shelly Johnson
31-Dec-19 Pest Control Services Shelly Johnson
31-Dec-19 Printer Mail Operations Shelly Johnson
31-Dec-19 Grounds Maintenance - Eccles and Martin Buildings Shelly Johnson
31-Dec-19 Firing Range Cleaning Shelly Johnson
31-Dec-19 Fitness Center Management Shelly Johnson
31-Dec-19 Grounds Maintenance - New York Avenue Shelly Johnson
31-Dec-19 Qualitrics Research Suite Natasha Jones
31-Dec-19 OpenText Maintenance Renewal Natasha Jones
31-Dec-19 Informatica Renewal Natasha Jones
31-Dec-19 OpenText Website Management Natasha Jones
31-Dec-19 Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam Bundle Natasha Jones
31-Dec-19 Red Hat Renewal Natasha Jones
31-Dec-19 ActivID ActivClient User License Natasha Jones
31-Dec-19 ZixGateway Enterprise License and Support Renewal Jay Khandekar
31-Dec-19 ABBYY Software MUA Jay Khandekar
31-Dec-19 MAC Network and Searchable Media Asset Management System Helen Nguyen
31-Dec-19 Veterinary Services Helen Nguyen
31-Dec-19 LEU Uniforms and Equipment Helen Nguyen
31-Dec-19 Window Cleaning Services Helen Nguyen
31-Dec-19 SAS Tiffany Poku-Sarkodee
31-Dec-19 Principal Consultant Tiffany Poku-Sarkodee
31-Dec-19 Multites Online Account; Annual Maintenance (5-User License); EDK Hosting Service Tiffany Poku-Sarkodee
31-Dec-19 Data Purchase Tiffany Poku-Sarkodee
31-Dec-19 Platinum Premier Support and Maintenance Tiffany Poku-Sarkodee
31-Dec-19 BMC Software/Licenses Tiffany Poku-Sarkodee
31-Dec-19 DNS Bundle Tiffany Poku-Sarkodee
31-Dec-19 ITA Seats Tiffany Poku-Sarkodee
31-Dec-19 SAS Mainframe Renewal Tiffany Poku-Sarkodee
31-Dec-19 NAG Software Renewal Tiffany Poku-Sarkodee
31-Dec-19 MBA Subscriptions Tiffany Poku-Sarkodee
31-Dec-19 Mergent WebReports Maintenance Fee Tiffany Poku-Sarkodee
31-Dec-19 EIS SAS Renewal Tiffany Poku-Sarkodee
31-Dec-19 Arista Software and Hardware Renewal Tiffany Poku-Sarkodee
31-Dec-19 U.S. Federal Production Support/Subscription VMare Tiffany Poku-Sarkodee
31-Dec-19 Short Interest Data Feed Tiffany Poku-Sarkodee
31-Dec-19 INTEXcalc-Local, Wrapper API, Cashflow Engine, and Deal Libraries as Integrated with MSCIs Risk Manager System Tiffany Poku-Sarkodee
31-Dec-19 Canteen Refreshment Services Tiffany Poku-Sarkodee
31-Dec-19 ETF/A Software Maintenance Eshe Reid
31-Dec-19 Tools for ACF2 Eshe Reid
31-Dec-19 Audio Transcription Service Eshe Reid
31-Dec-19 Special Paper Jerome Smith
31-Dec-19 Commercial Shipments Jerome Smith
31-Dec-19 X-Ray Equipment Jerome Smith
31-Dec-19 Postage Machines Jerome Smith
31-Dec-19 Diesel Fuel Delivery Jerome Smith
1-Jan-20 SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer Natasha Jones
3-Jan-20 Renewal for DevCraft Ultimate Developer License with Subscription and Ultimate Support Tiffany Poku-Sarkodee
31-Jan-20 CreditView - Global Credit Research Service Tiffany Poku-Sarkodee
20-Feb-20 Antenna and Network Time Server Eshe Reid
30-May-20 HP OIG Migration Eshe Reid
3-Jun-20 SHAREGATE - 25 Gates Natasha Jones
30-Jun-20 BDM 28-Device Copier Lease Procurement Lisa Bouchelle
1-Jul-20 Outside Counsel Support (Construction Contracts) Kristin Ghandi
23-Jul-20 CQ Roll Call Jerome Smith
31-Jul-20 Oracle ATS Software Renewal Shelly Johnson
31-Jul-20 Mergent Online Renewal Tiffany Poku-Sarkodee
5-Oct-20 Metro Online Platform Tiffany Poku-Sarkodee
12-Dec-20 VMware Software Tiffany Poku-Sarkodee
14-Dec-20 Interest Rate Data Tiffany Poku-Sarkodee
31-Dec-20 FRRS Printing, Binding, and Distributing Shelly Johnson
31-Dec-20 Conference Management System Shelly Johnson
31-Dec-20 TSCM Shelly Johnson
31-Dec-20 Employee Relocation Service Shelly Johnson
31-Dec-20 Temporary Housing Basic Ordering Agreement Shelly Johnson
31-Dec-20 Recognition and Anniversary Gifts Helen Nguyen
31-Dec-20 SOA for Law Enforcement Uniforms/Accessories and Ballistic Vests Helen Nguyen
31-Dec-20 Trash Removal Helen Nguyen
31-Dec-20 Janitorial Services Helen Nguyen
31-Dec-20 SOX and AD Testing Helen Nguyen
31-Dec-20 Graphic Design and Publication Services - OIG Helen Nguyen
31-Dec-20 Moody's Rating Delivery Service Tiffany Poku-Sarkodee
31-Dec-20 SAS Windows License Tiffany Poku-Sarkodee
31-Dec-20 Communication Link Westphalia to Baltimore Tiffany Poku-Sarkodee
31-Dec-20 S Cusip Global Services and CUSIP db Tiffany Poku-Sarkodee
31-Dec-20 Moody's Analytics: ABS, RMBS Data via Structured Finance Portal Tiffany Poku-Sarkodee
31-Dec-20 Subscription Service Tiffany Poku-Sarkodee
31-Dec-20 Optimal Blue Data Tiffany Poku-Sarkodee
31-Dec-20 Information Technology Consultant Eshe Reid
Ongoing Air Filters N/A
Ongoing Building Construction N/A
Ongoing Building Supplies N/A
Ongoing Cisco Hardware & Software N/A
Ongoing Copier Leases N/A
Ongoing Copier Paper N/A
Ongoing Electrical Supplies N/A
Ongoing Equipment Maintenance N/A
Ongoing Facility Maintenance N/A
Ongoing HP Desktops/Laptops & Software N/A
Ongoing HR Training & Consultants N/A
Ongoing Janitorial Supplies N/A
Ongoing Long Distance Services N/A
Ongoing Office Supplies N/A
Ongoing Promotional Products N/A
Ongoing Server Maintenance N/A
Ongoing Software Licenses (Cisco, Oracle, PeopleSoft) N/A
Ongoing Vehicle Leasing/Purchasing N/A
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Last Update: April 12, 2019