Procuring the Future

Vendor Outreach Fair - Save the Date - August 24, 2017

Acquisition Planning Forecast

We value the fair inclusion of diverse suppliers throughout our organization. Listed below are upcoming procurement opportunities. For more information about these opportunities, please contact Supplier Diversity Specialist, Marleitha G. Williams.

Max Contract Date PO Description
20-Mar-17 Stata Upgrade
9-May-17 ActiveReports 10 Professional Edition Site License with Maintenance
24-May-17 FreeSpace
31-May-17 Travel Insurance
31-May-17 NetApp SupportEdge maintenance renewal
2-Jun-17 FireEye licenses and renewals
12-Jun-17 Nessus Manager; On Premise; 1,536 Hosts; 1,536 Agents; 6 Additional Scanners; Annual Subscription
23-Jun-17 Bomgar Licenses
19-Jul-17 HP Fortify software
31-Jul-17 VTL Mainframe Subsystem for DC/Richmond
13-Aug-17 Veeam VM WARE
26-Aug-17 CA Suite Maintenance Perpetual Licenses
1-Sep-17 Alertus PA System
2-Sep-17 CFIS Renewal
5-Sep-17 Splunk
10-Sep-17 Symantec Business Critical Services
14-Sep-17 Digital Guardian Renewal
10-Oct-17 Malwarebytes EndPoint Security Software
12-Oct-17 Varonis Software and Support
17-Oct-17 Red Carpet Software Subscription
19-Oct-17 Add-On Puppet Enterprise 250-499 nodes, Standard Support
25-Oct-17 Case Management and Tracking System
30-Oct-17 Cloudera Renewal
29-Nov-17 SAS Office Analytics, SAS/ETS, SAS/IML
30-Nov-17 Active Data Guard
30-Nov-17 Hitachi licenses and equip
10-Dec-17 SanDisk
16-Dec-17 IT Consultants
17-Dec-17 Audit Software
29-Dec-17 Online Video Platform
31-Dec-17 Executive Search Services
31-Dec-17 FFIEC Advanced Credit Concepts Analysis (ACCA) course
31-Dec-17 FFIEC Basic International Banking School self-study maintenance
31-Dec-17 FFIEC Cash Flow Analysis course
31-Dec-17 FFIEC Real Estate Appraisal Review School
31-Dec-17 Open Text Electronic Maintenance Items
31-Dec-17 Printing Services / Know Your Money Program
31-Dec-17 Nursing Services
31-Dec-17 SAS Mainframe renewal
31-Dec-17 CA Mainframe Software
31-Dec-17 Executive Coaching
31-Dec-17 Executive Coaching & 360 Assessment BOA
31-Dec-17 Moving Services
31-Dec-17 On Line Training Module
31-Dec-17 Short-term disability administrative services
31-Dec-17 CAAMS Software
31-Dec-17 Legal services
31-Dec-17 NetApp SupportEdge 2017 renewal
31-Dec-17 Change Auditor and Security Explorer
31-Dec-17 Cloudera Hub renewals
31-Dec-17 Daily Motorized and Non-Motorized Courier Services
31-Dec-17 Electronic Security Services
31-Dec-17 Public Relation Services
31-Dec-17 Radio Program Service Support
31-Dec-17 Staff Uniforms
31-Dec-17 Conference Room A/V Upgrades AVES
31-Dec-17 Courier services for tape containers
31-Dec-17 Explosive Maintenance Training Canines
31-Dec-17 Onsite service calls for AV equipment in conference rooms
31-Dec-17 Principles of Fiduciary Supervision Course
31-Dec-17 Real Estate Advisor services
31-Dec-17 Real Estate Lending training seminars
31-Dec-17 Shredding services
31-Dec-17 Trading Risk Management training courses
31-Dec-17 20 User and Concordance Image
31-Dec-17 Arista Software and Hardware
31-Dec-17 EDD Premium Maintenance and Searchable PDFl Maintenance
4-Jan-18 DevCraft Ultimate Developer License
8-Jan-18 RSA SecurID Authenticator
31-Jan-18 Copier Lease
28-Feb-18 Application Management Pack - software
28-Feb-18 PeopleSoft Enterprise HCM Portal Pack
28-Feb-18 Support Renewal -- Fusion Middleware
14-Mar-18 OIG Satellite office network printer/scanner/fax machines
31-May-18 Microsoft Enterprise Agreement
31-May-18 MatLabs
29-Jun-18 Microsoft Premier Support Services and Renewals
14-Jul-18 Toad Maintenance with Renewals
30-Sep-18 Ethernet Private Lines MD Warehouse
31-Oct-18 Dark Fiber C St to NYA
31-Dec-18 BOA for FFIEC training sessions/Capital Markets Specialists Conference.
31-Dec-18 Elevator and Escalator service
31-Dec-18 FFIEC BOA for Technical and Professional Skills Training for Financial Institution Examiners
31-Dec-18 SOA for FFIEC e-learning product
31-Dec-18 Quality Assurance
31-Dec-18 FFIEC Training for Financial Institution Examiners
31-Dec-18 Legal services related to Martin Renovation project
31-Dec-18 Supplemental Transportation Services
31-Dec-18 Employee Assistance Program
31-Dec-18 Employee Relation Services - Mediation and Job Coaching
31-Dec-18 Employee Relations Services - Job Coaching
31-Dec-18 Fire protection system: testing and maintenance
31-Dec-18 Flu Vaccine
31-Dec-18 Hosting System
31-Dec-18 Two technicians and two engineers for the Data Center in Baltimore, MD
31-Dec-18 Furniture and Installation
31-Dec-18 Administrative Systems Automation Program Technical Services (BOA)
31-Dec-18 Building material audits, indoor air quality and water testing
31-Dec-18 Legal consulting services related to leased space
31-Dec-18 Offsite mail screening service
31-Dec-18 VTC Maintenance Contract
Ongoing Air Filters
Ongoing Building Construction
Ongoing Building Supplies
Ongoing Cisco Computer Hardware
Ongoing Cisco Licensing and Software
Ongoing Copier Leases
Ongoing Copier Paper
Ongoing Electrical Supplies
Ongoing Equipment Maintenance
Ongoing Facility Maintenance
Ongoing HP Computer Software
Ongoing HP Desktops and Laptops
Ongoing HR Training & Consultants
Ongoing Janitorial Supplies
Ongoing Long Distance Services
Ongoing Office Supplies
Ongoing Oracle Licenses
Ongoing Peoplesoft Licenses and Maintenance
Ongoing Promotional Products
Ongoing Server Maintenance
Ongoing Vehicle Leasing/ Purchasing
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Last Update: May 26, 2017