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Procuring the Future

Acquisition Planning Forecast

We value the fair inclusion of diverse suppliers throughout our organization. Listed below are upcoming procurement opportunities. For more information about these opportunities, please contact Supplier Diversity Specialist, Marleitha G. Williams.

Max Contract Date PO Description Buyer Email Phone
16-Dec Training on Accounting Topics Kristin Gandhi 202-452-3812
16-Jun Adobe Renewal Eshe Matthews 202-872-4954
17-Dec Advanced Credit Concepts Analysis Course Kristin Gandhi 202-452-3812
16-Dec Architectural and Engineering Services Kristin Gandhi 202-452-3812
16-Oct Art Conservation Eshe Matthews 202-872-4954
16-Dec Art Handling Eshe Matthews 202-872-4954
16-Dec Art Installation And Deinstallation Eshe Matthews 202-872-4954
17-Dec Art Insurance Eshe Matthews 202-872-4954
17-Dec CA Mainframe Software Stefani Nick 202-452-2509
16-Dec Canine Training Certification Gregg Single 202-452-2221
17-Dec Cash Flow Analysis Training Kristin Gandhi 202-452-3812
17-Dec Cisco Equipment and Services Gregg Single 202-452-2221
17-Dec Compensation Surveys Jerome Smith 202-452-6485
17-Dec Conference Room A/V Upgrades Gregg Single 202-452-2221
16-Dec Construction General Contractor Gregg Single 202-452-2221
16-Dec Construction Management Kristin Gandhi 202-452-3812
17-Dec Courier Services Gregg Single 202-452-2221
16-Dec C-Scape Consultants Helen Nguyen 202-452-3404
17-Dec Daily Motorized And Non-Motorized Courier Services Stefani Nick 202-452-2509
17-Dec Executive Coaching Shelly Johnson 202-452-2211
17-Dec Executive Search Services Shelly Johnson 202-452-2211
17-Dec Explosive Maintenance Training Canines Gregg Single 202-452-2221
16-Dec Food And Sanitation Inspection Gregg Single 202-452-2221
17-Dec Hitachi Products And Services Gregg Single 202-452-2221
16-Dec InfoBase Webhosting, Technical Support, Maintenance, Revisions Kristin Gandhi 202-452-3812
17-Dec Intranet Consultant Lisa M. Bouchelle 202-475-7624
16-May IT Management Natasha Young 202-452-2625
16-Apr Maintenance on GigaSmart Products Gregg Single 202-452-2221
16-Aug Maintenance on VMWare Products Gregg Single 202-452-2221
17-Dec Moving Services Kristin Gandhi 202-452-3812
16-Dec NetApp SupportEdge Secure Kristin Gandhi 202-452-3812
16-Dec NetIQ PlateSpin Licenses Helen Nguyen 202-452-3404
17-Dec Nursing Services Shelly Johnson 202-452-2211
17-Dec Occupational Safety Training Shelly Johnson 202-452-2211
17-Dec Offsite Records Storage Gregg Single 202-452-2221
17-Dec OIG Audit Software Shelly Johnson 202-452-2211
17-Dec Online EEO Training Stefani Nick 202-452-2509
16-Feb Oracle EBS Renewal Stefani Nick 202-452-2509
17-Jul Oracle Functional Testing Software And Support Stefani Nick 202-452-2509
17-Aug Oracle Taleo / Cloud Services Stefani Nick 202-452-2509
16-Dec Organizational Development & Learning Consulting Helen Nguyen 202-452-3404
16-Dec Organizational Development & Learning Training Helen Nguyen 202-452-3404
16-Dec Principles of Fiduciary Supervision Course Gregg Single 202-452-2221
17-Dec Principles of Insurance Risk Supervision Training Course Shelly Johnson 202-452-2211
17-Dec Printing Services Lisa M. Bouchelle 202-475-7624
17-Dec Psychological Assessments Kristin Gandhi 202-452-3812
17-Dec Radio Program Service Support Stefani Nick 202-452-2509
17-Dec Real Estate Appraisal Review Training Kristin Gandhi 202-452-3812
17-Dec Real Estate Lending Training Seminars Stefani Nick 202-452-2509
16-Jun Red Hat Maintenance Eshe Matthews 202-872-4954
16-Dec SAS Business Intelligence Consultant Stefani Nick 202-452-2509
17-Dec Short-Term Disability Administrative Services Kristin Gandhi 202-452-3812
16-Dec Small business Construction General Contractor Lisa M. Bouchelle 202-475-7624
16-Sep Sourcefire Licenses And Support Helen Nguyen 202-452-3404
17-Dec Staff Uniforms Stefani Nick 202-452-2509
16-Dec Telephone Technician Lisa M. Bouchelle 202-475-7624
17-Dec Trading Risk Management Training Courses Stefani Nick 202-452-2509
16-Dec Transcription Services Shelly Johnson 202-452-2211
17-Dec Translation Services Lisa M. Bouchelle 202-475-7624
16-Dec Trash Pick-Up Stefani Nick 202-452-2509
17-May Travel Insurance Shelly Johnson 202-452-2211
16-Dec Travel Management System and Services Kristin Gandhi 202-452-3812
17-Dec Warehousing, Inventory, Fulfillment Services Kristin Gandhi 202-452-3812
16-Dec Water Treatment Services Shelly Johnson 202-452-2211
16-Dec Website Hosting, Migration And Development Stefani Nick 202-452-2509
Ongoing Air Filters
Ongoing Building Construction
Ongoing Building Supplies
Ongoing Cisco Computer Hardware
Ongoing Copier Leases
Ongoing Copier Paper
Ongoing Electrical Supplies
Ongoing Equipment Maintenance
Ongoing Facility Maintenance
Ongoing HP Computer Software
Ongoing HP Desktops and Laptops
Ongoing HR Training & Consultants
Ongoing Janitorial Supplies
Ongoing Long Distance Services
Ongoing Office Supplies
Ongoing Promotional Products
Ongoing Server Maintenance
Ongoing Vehicle Leasing/ Purchasing
Last update: February 18, 2016