Procuring the Future

Acquisition Planning Forecast

We value the fair inclusion of diverse suppliers throughout our organization. Listed below are upcoming procurement opportunities. For more information about these opportunities, please contact Supplier Diversity Program Manager, Marleitha G. Williams.

Acquisition Planning Forecast – 2020

Expiring Contract Date Acquisition Description Contact
23-Mar-20 Gitlab Renewal Jay Khandekar
23-Mar-20 Thales KMIP Jay Khandekar
23-Mar-20 Vormetric Transcription Jay Khandekar
27-Mar-20 Oracle Data Visualization - License and Support Helen Nguyen
28-Mar-20 Apple Enterprise Developer Account Gregg Single
28-Mar-20 MTIPS GSA Jay Khandekar
28-Mar-20 Networx Transition and Service Eshe Reid
29-Mar-20 Articulate 360 Subscription Helen Nguyen
29-Mar-20 Perennial Education Passes Natasha Jones
30-Mar-20 HP Elitebook 840 Eshe Reid
30-Mar-20 WITS 3 - Telecommunication Services Eshe Reid
31-Mar-20 Citation Data Jay Khandekar
31-Mar-20 FSI Connect - Basel II Courses Natasha Jones
31-Mar-20 Newspapers and Online News Subscription Services Eshe Reid
2-Apr-20 Metalogix SharePoint Backup Eshe Reid
2-Apr-20 SLURM Support Eshe Reid
13-Apr-20 TITUS Message Annual Maintenance Jay Khandekar
15-Apr-20 Adobe Experience Manager Forms Perpetual License and Platinum
Lisa Bouchelle
17-Apr-20 JetBrains ReSharper Jay Khandekar
20-Apr-20 VanDyke VShell Enterprise Gregg Single
27-Apr-20 Elitebook 840 Jerome Smith
27-Apr-20 HP 800 G3  Jerome Smith
27-Apr-20 HP 840 Laptops Eshe Reid
28-Apr-20 Aspose.NET Subscriptions Joy Pannell
29-Apr-20 Splunk Enterprise Renewal Eshe Reid
30-Apr-20 Java SE Subscription Jay Khandekar
30-Apr-20 Okta Renewal and Additional Licenses Eshe Reid
30-Apr-20 StatTransfer Licenses Eshe Reid
9-May-20 Active Reports Gregg Single
10-May-20 R-Scope Cybersecurity Solutions Natasha Jones
14-May-20 Campbell/Inside Mortgage Finance Monthly Survey of Real Estate
Market Conditions
Eshe Reid
14-May-20 Prolexic DDOS Gregg Single
14-May-20 Recovery Manager License Renewal Eshe Reid
15-May-20 Student Loan Report Eshe Reid
16-May-20 Toner Jerome Smith
20-May-20 Firemon Hardware with Software Maintenance Kyauna Skinner
22-May-20 Centrify Server Renewal Jay Khandekar
26-May-20 ERwin Data Modeler Renewal Jay Khandekar
28-May-20 Newly Observed Domains - Response Policy Zones Natasha Jones
30-May-20 HP OIG Migration Eshe Reid
31-May-20 ACL Maintenance Shelly Johnson
31-May-20 BOA - Record Digitization for Central Subject File  
31-May-20 Cloudera Eshe Reid
31-May-20 FireEye Renewal Jay Khandekar
31-May-20 Infoblox Eshe Reid
31-May-20 Juniper Maintenance Renewal Natasha Jones
31-May-20 MATLAB Eshe Reid
31-May-20 NetApp Gregg Single
31-May-20 OpenText Exceed on Demand Eshe Reid
31-May-20 Palo Alto Subscription and Support Renewals Eshe Reid
31-May-20 Redseal Software and Firewall Kyauna Skinner
31-May-20 Software Maintenance Licenses Joy Pannell
31-May-20 Thales NShield Premium Plus Maintenance Jay Khandekar
31-May-20 VBCARE Eshe Reid
1-Jun-20 BlueCoat Eshe Reid
3-Jun-20 ShareGate - 25 Gates Natasha Jones
4-Jun-20 FLUKE 3-Year Gold Support Natasha Jones
8-Jun-20 GitLab Enterprise Premium Edition License Renewals Joy Pannell
14-Jun-20 S&P: Research Insight Renewal Jay Khandekar
17-Jun-20 Secret Server Eshe Reid
18-Jun-20 Oracle Exalytics Kyauna Skinner
19-Jun-20 Puppet Enterprise Renewal Gregg Single
20-Jun-20 Puppet Renewal Gregg Single
26-Jun-20 F5 BigIP Jay Khandekar
26-Jun-20 National Oilseed Processors Association Gregg Single
26-Jun-20 Varonis DatAdvantage Renewal Gregg Single
27-Jun-20 HP Equipment Eshe Reid
27-Jun-20 Tableau Software Jerome Smith
29-Jun-20 Stata/MP2 One Year Term Renewal Eshe Reid
30-Jun-20 18 Ricoh Machines Lisa Bouchelle
30-Jun-20 Tableau Software Creator Licenses Joy Pannell
30-Jun-20 FRB Federal Statistical Research Data Center Gregg Single
30-Jun-20 IBM Software Subscription Renewals Joy Pannell
30-Jun-20 Mathworks Renewal Eshe Reid
30-Jun-20 Printing Paper Jerome Smith
30-Jun-20 Product /Services Name - Banking, Credit Card, and Mortgage & Loan
Databases Reporting Bureau Data
Jay Khandekar
30-Jun-20 RedHat Renewal Jay Khandekar
30-Jun-20 TIBCO Maintenance Jay Khandekar
1-Jul-20 Outside Counsel Support (Construction) Kristin Gandhi
7-Jul-20 Malwarebytes Gregg Single
7-Jul-20 Trustwave Subscription Jay Khandekar
15-Jul-20 TOAD Renewal Shelly Johnson
17-Jul-20 Succession Architect/Talent Review Helen Nguyen
19-Jul-20 Axway Licenses (12) Lisa Bouchelle
20-Jul-20 HP Computers Jerome Smith
22-Jul-20 Articulate 360 Team Licenses Gregg Single
22-Jul-20 Haivision Media Platform Gregg Single
25-Jul-20 SecurityCenter Annual Subscription Natasha Jones
29-Jul-20 HP EliteBook 840 G5 Notebook, Warranty, and Docking Stations Gregg Single
31-Jul-20 Oracle Licenses Shelly Johnson
2-Aug-20 HP Fortify Natasha Jones
12-Aug-20 CA Erwin Maintenance Renewals Helen Nguyen
14-Aug-20 U.S. Internal Revenue Service: Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)
and Additional Child Tax Credit (ACTC) Refund Issuance (Daily) Data
Eshe Reid
14-Aug-20 Warranty Extension for HPE DL380 Gen9 Servers Gregg Single
19-Aug-20 Twistlock Enterprise License Gregg Single
21-Aug-20 Clarus Financial Technology Inc.: CCPView; Website Interface and
SFTP Feed Access Limited to 5 Board Staff
Eshe Reid
22-Aug-20 iText Software Renewal Natasha Jones
25-Aug-20 CA IT Asset Manager & Service Desk Manager Gregg Single
25-Aug-20 NetApp Equipment Natasha Jones
29-Aug-20 VEEAM Software Renewal Gregg Single
31-Aug-20 Magnet Axiom Renewal Helen Nguyen
31-Aug-20 Symantec Jay Khandekar
31-Aug-20 Tripwire Enterprise Renewal Helen Nguyen
2-Sep-20 Tableau Creator Licenses Shelly Johnson
6-Sep-20 WhiteHat Sentinel Security License Renewal Joy Pannell
9-Sep-20 ShareGate 25 Seats License Gregg Single
12-Sep-20 HP Computers & Accessories Natasha Jones
12-Sep-20 PricewaterhouseCoopers: Inform Kyauna Skinner
14-Sep-20 5000 Win DA & ACI Digital Guardian Gregg Single
14-Sep-20 Digital Guardian Annual License Maintenance Renewal Stefani Nick
16-Sep-20 MicroFocus Eshe Reid
19-Sep-20 Complete Website Security Natasha Jones
19-Sep-20 Shiny Server Licenses Gregg Single
28-Sep-20 HP Elitebook 840 Eshe Reid
30-Sep-20 Fingerprinting Natasha Jones
30-Sep-20 ABX and CMBX Indices Jay Khandekar
30-Sep-20 Dell Servers Eshe Reid
30-Sep-20 Efficiency Review Contract Jay Khandekar
30-Sep-20 Grocery Data Gregg Single
30-Sep-20 HPE 24X7 Support Natasha Jones
30-Sep-20 HPE Security WebInspect Gregg Single
30-Sep-20 SID Access Gregg Single
5-Oct-20 Metro Online Platform Eshe Reid
6-Oct-20 Tableau Desktop - Professional - Annual Maintenance and Creator
Kyauna Skinner
14-Oct-20 Cloudfare Gregg Single
14-Oct-20 Sonatype Support Eshe Reid
15-Oct-20 Splunk Eshe Reid
17-Oct-20 Red Carpet Eshe Reid
18-Oct-20 1 User ID for 2 Researchers for Non-Concurrent Use Eshe Reid
18-Oct-20 VMware Gregg Single
19-Oct-20 NORC Data Enclave: Term for New User Kyauna Skinner
23-Oct-20 Local 2-way PRI - DCRP Eshe Reid
24-Oct-20 DL 360 Gregg Single
25-Oct-20 DL380 Ramp Servers Gregg Single
30-Oct-20 HP Elitebook Eshe Reid
30-Oct-20 Oracle Data Integrator Lisa Bouchelle
31-Oct-20 Macroeconomic Model Service Subscription Eshe Reid
31-Oct-20 Maintenance for Active Roles and Identity Manager Gregg Single
31-Oct-20 Micro Focus: HP QTP License Renewals Joy Pannell
31-Oct-20 Secret Server Eshe Reid
31-Oct-20 VMware Eshe Reid
3-Nov-20 IBM I2 Analyst's Notebook Concurrent User License + SW
Subscription & Support 12 Months
Jose Bumbray
3-Nov-20 ThinkparQ Software Eshe Reid
5-Nov-20 HP Elitebook 840 Eshe Reid
7-Nov-20 (2) HPE DL380 Gen9 Server - Capital Hardware Gregg Single
7-Nov-20 (5) HPE DL380 G10 servers with GPU - Capital Hardware Gregg Single
15-Nov-20 Palo Alto Networks Gregg Single
15-Nov-20 Red Hat Eshe Reid
18-Nov-20 Tableau Desktop - Professional - Annual Maintenance Renewal Natasha Jones
19-Nov-20 (4) HPE SimpliVity 380 Gen9 - Capital Hardware Gregg Single
19-Nov-20 HP Elitebook Eshe Reid
22-Nov-20 Support and Maintenance for Time Control Eshe Reid
27-Nov-20 HP DL360 and DL380 Hardware and Support Helen Nguyen
29-Nov-20 CUSIP db Master Gregg Single
29-Nov-20 Gold Membership Gregg Single
29-Nov-20 Pivot3 HCI Servers Gregg Single
30-Nov-20 GAAIT Subscription Eshe Reid
1-Dec-20 LexisNexis World Compliance Jay Khandekar
7-Dec-20 DISA VSP for RWRS Gregg Single
10-Dec-20 ActivClient Advanced Premium Support Natasha Jones
12-Dec-20 VMware Software Gregg Single
21-Dec-20 RSAM Annual Maintenance Support Gregg Single
22-Dec-20 Trustwave Eshe Reid
28-Dec-20 Syncsort CPU Maintenance Natasha Jones
29-Dec-20 IHS Markit: American Petroleum Institute Well Completion Report Jay Khandekar
30-Dec-20 Cincom License Renewal Eshe Reid
31-Dec-20 (RBOPS) Bloomberg Licence and Treminal Gregg Single
31-Dec-20 IT BOA Joy Pannell
31-Dec-20 IT BOA - Ampcus Gregg Single
31-Dec-20 IT BOA - InScope Gregg Single
31-Dec-20 IT BOA - iQuasar Gregg Single
31-Dec-20 IT BOA - Randstad Gregg Single
31-Dec-20 Ammunition Jerome Smith
31-Dec-20 Associated Press Subscription Jay Khandekar
31-Dec-20 Avaya Maintenance Gregg Single
31-Dec-20 BOA-Record Digitization for Central Subject file Helen Nguyen
31-Dec-20 Building Commissioning Services Kristin Gandhi
31-Dec-20 Building Information Modeling (BIM) Services Lisa Bouchelle
31-Dec-20 Cafeteria Services Gregg Single
31-Dec-20 Change Auditor Gregg Single
31-Dec-20 Cisco IronPort Gregg Single
31-Dec-20 Communication Link Westphalia to Baltimore Gregg Single
31-Dec-20 COMSEC-EKMS Purchase Training and Technical Support Helen Nguyen
31-Dec-20 Conference Management System Shelly Johnson
31-Dec-20 Creditview Gregg Single
31-Dec-20 Datastream Research Natasha Jones
31-Dec-20 Default & Recovery Database Gregg Single
31-Dec-20 Desktop Training Contract Joy Pannell
31-Dec-20 Emergency Notification  System Jerome Smith
31-Dec-20 Employee Relocation Services Shelly Johnson
31-Dec-20 External Validation Natasha Jones
31-Dec-20 FAME Desktop Licenses Kyauna Skinner
31-Dec-20 First Responder Training Course Shelly Johnson
31-Dec-20 Fitch Global Banks and Sovereign - S&R and IF Kyauna Skinner
31-Dec-20 Flint Brayton Eshe Reid
31-Dec-20 FRRS Printing, Binding, and Distributing Shelly Johnson
31-Dec-20 Global Consolidated Ownership Feed  (R&S and IF) Gregg Single
31-Dec-20 Haver Analytics DLX Macroeconomic Data Natasha Jones
31-Dec-20 IBES Global Aggregates Jay Khandekar
31-Dec-20 IBM Magstar Tape Systems Jay Khandekar
31-Dec-20 IBM Renewals Jay Khandekar
31-Dec-20 IHS Global Tracker Natasha Jones
31-Dec-20 IHS: OPIS Kyauna Skinner
31-Dec-20 IM BOA (multiple award) Gregg Single
31-Dec-20 Information Management Consulting (IM) BOA Jose Bumbray
31-Dec-20 Janitorial Services Helen Nguyen
31-Dec-20 Law Enforcement Uniforms/Accessories and Ballistic Vests Helen Nguyen
31-Dec-20 Law Enforcument Unit Training and Consulting BOA Lisa Bouchelle
31-Dec-20 Lipper Tas Data Gregg Single
31-Dec-20 Loan Pricing Connector Eshe Reid
31-Dec-20 Macroeconomics Advisers Gregg Single
31-Dec-20 Maintenance for FDR/FASTCPK Natasha Jones
31-Dec-20 Markit CDS Data Gregg Single
31-Dec-20 Markit CDS, RED, and Maps Subscription Natasha Jones
31-Dec-20 Markit RED Reference Equity Database Gregg Single
31-Dec-20 Markit: ABX and CMBX Indices Gregg Single
31-Dec-20 Money Market Instruments Gregg Single
31-Dec-20 Premium Subscription Eshe Reid
31-Dec-20 Monthly Oil Data Service Kyauna Skinner
31-Dec-20 Moody's Analytics: ABS, RMBS Data via Structured Finance Portal Gregg Single
31-Dec-20 Moody's CreditView Gregg Single
31-Dec-20 Moody's Rating Delivery Service (RDS) Kyauna Skinner
31-Dec-20 MVC Eshe Reid
31-Dec-20 National Bankruptcy Research Center Kyauna Skinner
31-Dec-20 NFIB Small Business Economic Trends Gregg Single
31-Dec-20 Oil Market Report Subscription - Research Library and IF Helen Nguyen
31-Dec-20 Optimal Blue Data Kyauna Skinner
31-Dec-20 OXMETRICS Eshe Reid
31-Dec-20 PageCenter Gregg Single
31-Dec-20 Recognition and Anniversary Gifts Helen Nguyen
31-Dec-20 Reis Subscription (S&R and R&S) Gregg Single
31-Dec-20 Relativity Software Gregg Single
31-Dec-20 Research Fixed Income Natasha Jones
31-Dec-20 S&P CUSIP Global Services & CUSIP db Gregg Single
31-Dec-20 SAS Windows License Gregg Single
31-Dec-20 Securities Broker Dealer Class Natasha Jones
31-Dec-20 Small Business Economic Trends Eshe Reid
31-Dec-20 Snag-It Renewal Eshe Reid
31-Dec-20 Software Maintenance Eshe Reid
31-Dec-20 Solar Winds 2020 Gregg Single
31-Dec-20 Subscription Renewal for Newsletter and Online Service Robinson
31-Dec-20 Supplemental Transportation Services Lisa Bouchelle
31-Dec-20 Survey Research Center Natasha Jones
31-Dec-20 Technical Surveillance Countermeasures  Shelly Johnson
31-Dec-20 Teleconference System Headset Service MRC Eshe Reid
31-Dec-20 Temporary Housing Services Shelly Johnson
31-Dec-20 Terminals Gregg Single
31-Dec-20 Investment Banker with Deals Module and
Securities Data Corporation (SDC) Platinum
Gregg Single
31-Dec-20 Trash Removal Helen Nguyen
31-Dec-20 Travel Management System and Services Kristin Gandhi
31-Dec-20 Vending Services Lisa Bouchelle
31-Dec-20 Vista Index Services, LLC: VISTA CRT Indices Gregg Single
31-Dec-20 Web Design and Maintenance for Currency Education Program Gregg Single

Acquisition Planning Forecast – 2021

Expiring Contract Date Acquisition Description Contact
13-Jan-21 HP Elitebook Jerome Smith
16-Jan-21 Compustat Execucomp University & Government Eshe Reid
30-Jan-21 S&P Global Credit Portal Jay Khandekar
31-Jan-21 Factiva Subscription Gregg Single
31-Jan-21 Subscription Jay Khandekar
7-Feb-21 Metadata and Taxonomy Effort Gregg Single
8-Feb-21 75 HP EliteBook 840 G4 Gregg Single
16-Feb-21 Phire Annual Software Support and Maintenance Lisa Bouchelle
5-Mar-21 HP Notebooks, Equipment, and Support Gregg Single
9-Mar-21 Crain Communications P&I Research Center and P&I Daily Online Natasha Jones
31-Mar-21 Lipper Reports Jay Khandekar
13-Apr-21 Fluke Networks DSX2-5000QI Gregg Single
16-Apr-21 RMS Enterprise Software and Maintenance Joy Pannell
30-Apr-21 SPG Ratings Products Jay Khandekar
15-May-21 HP Computers Jerome Smith
29-May-21 SAS Office Analytics Kyauna Skinner
31-May-21 CRIW Membership Natasha Jones
31-May-21 CRIW Renewal Gregg Single
31-May-21 Subscription and Print Edition Gregg Single
31-May-21 HP Elitebook Jerome Smith
31-May-21 Microsoft Enterprise Agreement Gregg Single
1-Jun-21 Dell Equipment Jerome Smith
1-Jun-21 HP Computers Jerome Smith
29-Jun-21 MS Premier Renewal Natasha Jones
30-Jun-21 Chartbeat Plus Data Analytics Tool Jay Khandekar
30-Jun-21 Renewal of HPE H7J35AC HPE Foundation Equipment Warranty Joy Pannell
24-Jul-21 VMware Licenses and Support Kyauna Skinner
25-Jul-21 HP Computers Jerome Smith
22-Aug-21 HP Laptops Jerome Smith
30-Aug-21 Enterprise Software Support Eshe Reid
30-Aug-21 WRDS Base Subscription and NYSE TAQ Access Jay Khandekar
31-Aug-21 MasterCard Spending Pulse Subscription Jay Khandekar
25-Sep-21 ArcServe Licenses and Maintenance Kyauna Skinner
30-Sep-21 Cynthia Ayouch Gregg Single
30-Sep-21 Monthly Import/Export Data Jay Khandekar
30-Sep-21 Reflection ZFE Licenses and Support Kyauna Skinner
11-Oct-21 HPE Server replacements Kyauna Skinner
5-Nov-21 Mainframe Hardware Replacement Gregg Single
19-Nov-21 Research Subscription Gregg Single
30-Nov-21 HP Computers Jerome Smith
14-Dec-21 SAFE Electronic Evidence Tracking System Jerome Smith
14-Dec-21 WardsAuto InfoBank Subscription Gregg Single
31-Dec-21 Alertus Renewals and Service Helen Nguyen
31-Dec-21 Anywhere Terminals Gregg Single
31-Dec-21 Architectural/Engineering Services Lisa Bouchelle
31-Dec-21 Art Conservation Painting and Sculpture Shelly Johnson
31-Dec-21 Art Installation Service Shelly Johnson
31-Dec-21 Camera Operator Services Shelly Johnson
31-Dec-21 Consumer Surveys Joy Pannell
31-Dec-21 ECM Research, Bondware, Loanware Gregg Single
31-Dec-21 Electronic Security Sytems (ESS) Support Services Lisa Bouchelle
31-Dec-21 EPFR Global Data for All Markets Kyauna Skinner
31-Dec-21 FFIEC Training BOA (for financial institution examiners) Lisa Bouchelle
31-Dec-21 FOMC Transcription Service Eshe Reid
31-Dec-21 General Construction Services  Jose Bumbray
31-Dec-21 General Contractor BOA Helen Nguyen
31-Dec-21 Hardware Shredding Services Helen Nguyen
31-Dec-21 Hedge Fund Database Renewal Natasha Jones
31-Dec-21 Holiday Tree Jerome Smith
31-Dec-21 iMoneyNet Data and Subscription Services Kyauna Skinner
31-Dec-21 Innovation Lab Support Gregg Single
31-Dec-21 Insurance Consultant Services Kyauna Skinner
31-Dec-21 K9 Certification Shelly Johnson
31-Dec-21 Law Enforcement Equipment Helen Nguyen
31-Dec-21 Markit PMI Natasha Jones
31-Dec-21 Model Validation Council Gregg Single
31-Dec-21 Morningstar Direct Natasha Jones
31-Dec-21 News Service Gregg Single
31-Dec-21 Offsite Record Storage Shelly Johnson
31-Dec-21 Organizational Development & Learning Consulting Services Lisa Bouchelle
31-Dec-21 Organizational Development & Learning Training Services Lisa Bouchelle
31-Dec-21 RavenPack International License Kyauna Skinner
31-Dec-21 Semiconductor Trade Statistics (WSTS) Blue Book; Board Site License Kyauna Skinner
31-Dec-21 Survey of Consumer Finances Gregg Single
31-Dec-21 Transcription Services Shelly Johnson
31-Dec-21 Video Production Jerome Smith
31-Dec-21 Water Treatment Services Shelly Johnson
31-Dec-21 XTRAKTER Limited & TRAX Volume Natasha Jones
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