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Although applications are accepted throughout the year, most positions are filled during two main recruitment cycles. Completed application submission deadlines are as follows:

  • Fall: September 30 (interviews held in October-November)
  • Spring: January 31 (interviews beginning in March)

Applications received after the deadlines will be considered subject to the
availability of positions.

Candidates not selected during the fall recruitment cycle will automatically be
considered during the spring. Positions for successful candidates in both the
fall and spring recruiting cycles will typically be available during the summer months.

Citizenship Requirements

U.S. citizenship is required for Research Assistant positions.

Application Instructions

EEO Voluntary Self-Identification form. Completion of this form is voluntary and will not affect your opportunity for employment, or terms or conditions of employment.

Send the following materials by e-mail to Applications will be considered for positions in all the economic research divisions.

  1. Cover letter
  2. Resumé
  3. Unofficial Transcript. If you have attended more than one college or university, submit transcripts from each school. If you are selected for an interview, official transcripts will be requested.
  4. Two letters of recommendation. Both letters must be written by college professors. Arrange for all letters to be sent via e-mail.
  5. Candidate Survey of Interests Form

Note that all of the information requested above, including recommendation letters, must be received before your application will be considered.

Bob Burian
Dustin Rawlins
Division of Monetary Affairs
(202) 912-4600


Angela Fuller
Jessica Snyder
Division of International Finance
(202) 872-4912
Rebecca Young
Division of Financial Stability
(202) 452-3252
John Allegro
Division of Research and Statistics
(202) 452-2285


Last Update: December 4, 2017
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