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The Federal Reserve Board's Internship Program is designed to provide valuable work experience for undergraduate and graduate students considering careers in economics, finance and accounting, software development, law, and other areas. Managers will provide interns with syllabi that contain three learning objectives; interns will also have an opportunity to develop three learning objectives of their own. Additionally, interns will be assigned a mentor, have access to internal training classes, and get to participate in weekly intern-focused events. These events encompass speakers, professional development, as well as networking functions. The work is very hands-on in a collaborative and collegial environment. The Board believes that by combining academic endeavors with project-related work experience, qualified and capable college students can gain the practical knowledge needed in a competitive global job market.

Photo of Halle F., Information Technology, Software Developer II Former Intern

“I stay at the Board because my work is fulfilling and I’m constantly learning new things. I am given freedom to research topics that I’m interested in and apply them to the work that I’m doing on a day-to-day basis.”

Halle F
Information Technology
Software Developer II Former Intern

Dissertation Fellows

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The Divisions of International Finance, Monetary Affairs, Research and Statistics, and Financial Stability offer paid, in-residence fellowships for graduate students to conduct research at the Federal Reserve Board.

Research Assistant

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Photo of Cassandra D., Economic Research, Senior Research Assistant Division of Consumer & Community Affairs

“The Board’s RA position is one of the most rigorous available to those who are interested in entering the world of economic or financial resource. There are unparalleled opportunities for someone interested in learning economics.”

Cassandra D.
Economic Research
Senior Research Assistant Division of Consumer & Community Affairs

As a research assistant at the Federal Reserve Board, you will apply quantitative skills both to real-world policy issues and to high-level research projects. Each year, the Board hires a new cohort of college graduates to work as research assistants by attracting diverse backgrounds from universities across the country. Research assistants gain real-world experience by working alongside PhD economists to assist with original economic research and provide critical support for policy analysis. The research assistant position is a two-year program, and most research assistants leave the role well prepared to pursue a graduate degree, often in economics, or different careers at the Board or with other organizations. While at the Board, research assistants often become involved in a variety of other projects, including collaboration with various government agencies and Federal Reserve Banks, and participation in efforts to provide economic and financial literacy instruction to local high school students. Research assistants are encouraged to attend academic research seminars and presentations given by Board economists and visiting scholars.

Research assistants are hired in the following divisions: Reserve Bank Operations & Payment Systems, Supervision & Regulation, Consumer & Community Affairs, Research & Statistics, International Finance, Monetary Affairs, and Financial Stability.

Economics Outreach

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Together, we seek to attract and develop a highly qualified and diverse workforce and to create a workplace environment that is actively inclusive, allowing individuals to thrive and maximizing the group’s ability to advance the mission of the Federal Reserve.

Last Update: April 18, 2023
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