Will the Federal Reserve provide parking when I come for my interview?
Unfortunately, the Board is not able to provide parking for job candidates. We strongly recommend using public transportation. Please visit our Directions web page for directions using Metro.
What is the best way to drive to the Board?
Please visit our Directions web page for driving directions.
What is the closest Metro station to the Board?
The closest metro stations are Foggy Bottom and Farragut West, on the Orange and Blue lines. Please visit our Directions web page for more information on using public transportation to get to the Board.
What is the Board's policy on crediting service and leave for new employees who transfer from a federal agency?
Whether your service or leave will transfer to the Board depends on many factors. If you receive an employment offer from the Board, we will encourage you to contact our benefits office for more details.
Do you employ noncitizens?
The Board will hire any qualified person who is a United States citizen or who is not a citizen but meets the requirements of the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 (IRCA).

As required by law, the Board will not hire any person who is unable to satisfy the requirements identified in IRCA. In addition, citizens and nationals of the United States will receive preference in employment over equally qualified persons who are not citizens or nationals of the United States.
What type of positions/career opportunities are available at the Board?
The Board has many professional and support positions. The key job families for which we recruit are economist, research assistant, attorney, financial analyst, and information technology professional. We also regularly have positions available for law enforcement professionals and other administrative support technicians and will periodically recruit for interns and cooperative education students. Please visit our Jobs by Category web site for a list of available positions.
Does the Federal Reserve conduct on-campus recruiting? If so, do you publish a schedule of upcoming campus visits?
The Federal Reserve visits many colleges and universities each year. A schedule of our upcoming visits will be posted when available.
How do I apply for a position at the Board?
If you are applying for any position other than economist or research assistant, the Board prefers that you submit your application online. Select the "apply online" button at the top of each job description on our web site. Complete each section with the requested information, attach a resumé, and select the "submit" button on the review and submit page at the end of the application process. The online application will be forwarded to the recruiter for review.

If you are applying for a position as an economist or research assistant, select the "To apply" button after the job family description. You will find specific information on how to forward your resumé to the Board.
How can I find out the status of my application?
When you submit a resume for a Board position, you will receive an e-mail notice advising you that your resumé has been received. We receive hundreds of resume for a posted position, and will contact only those applicants whose skills and qualifications best meet the requirements of the posted position. We do contact all applicants who interview for a position and are not selected.
Generally how long does it take to fill a position?
Some positions can be filled in as little as three weeks, others may take longer.
What should I include on my resumé?
The online application form includes all the information the Board requests from job candidates. You may also send a personal resumé, if you wish.
Do I need a cover letter?
Although a cover letter is not necessary, attaching one with your resume can help distinguish you from other candidates who apply for the same position. The online application we provide allows you to attach a cover letter with your application.
Can I fax my resumé?
The Board prefers that you apply for available positions online through our Jobs by Category web site.
Do I need to apply through the Office of Personnel Management's web site?
No, the Federal Reserve has its own Careers web site. Some positions may also be posted on the USA Jobs web site.
Once at the Board, when can I apply for a job in a higher grade?
If you are hired for a position at the Board, you are required to work in that position for six months before applying for other posted jobs. You may apply for any position you are qualified for within the Board.
Can I apply for opportunities at the Federal Reserve Banks through the Board?
If you are interested in a position at one of the Federal Reserve Banks, you should apply through the respective Bank's web site.
If I am selected for an interview, does the Board have security measures that I should be aware of?
Before arriving at the Board, we will ask you for your date of birth and social security number to enter into our visitor registration system. This information is necessary to query law enforcement databases to identify persons who may pose a threat to Board employees or property. Upon arrival, you will be required to show a valid state driver's license or other acceptable photo identification. Please read the Board's Privacy Act statement to learn how the Board protects your personal information.
How do I contact the Board's Recruitment Office by phone?
To ask questions about positions posted at the Board or to check the status of your application, please contact the Board's Recruitment office at (202) 452-3880. If you are hearing impaired, please call (202) 872-4984.
Does the Board have any restrictions on holding stocks in financial companies?
Board employees, their spouses, and minor children may not own debt or equity interests1 in banks, thrifts or other depository institutions or their affiliates2 . While waivers may be available to permit retention of such interests acquired prior to Board employment, divestiture may be necessary for employees in certain divsions of the Board responsible for banking supervision. If you are applying to the divsions of Supervision & Regulation, Consumer & Community Affairs, or Legal, and you or your immediate family own financial institution securities, or if an immediate family member is employed by a banking organization, you should discuss these issues with the Board's recruiter.

1.Debt or equity interest" includes stocks and bonds, but does not include deposits or credit union shares. Return to text

2.Depository Institution is any of the following institutions that is empowered to perform a banking business and that performs this business as a substantial part of its operations: (1) U.S. commercial banks: a. national banks; b. state-chartered commercial banks; c. trust companies that are authorized to perform a commercial banking business; and d. private banks or unincorporated banking institutions organized as partnerships or proprietorship and authorized to perform commercial banking business. (2) Edge Act and Agreement Corporations. (3) Foreign (non-U.S.) banks. Return to text

Last Update: April 18, 2023
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