FedEd Federal Reserve Education Outreach

Mission: To empower students to take charge of their financial futures, expose young people to exciting careers in economics and finance, and educate students about the role of the Federal Reserve System in the global economy.

Background: Since FedEd's inauguration in 2011, Research Assistants at the Federal Reserve Board have presented to thirty eight different schools in the DC Metro area as well as participated in events held at the Board of Governors. Research Assistants are recent college graduates who provide analytical and research support to economists and policy makers at the Federal Reserve Board of Governors.

School Presentations: Research Assistants offer presentations in high school classrooms on topics covering economics, financial literacy, and the role of the Federal Reserve. Presentations may be supplemented with a discussion on careers in economics, our educational and professional experiences as Research Assistants at the Fed, and special topics requested by the class or teacher. Typically, individual presentations are delivered by two Research Assistants during normal working hours for a duration of approximately one hour. We often visit multiple classes during any one visit to a school. We also welcome the opportunity to deliver a series of lessons to a class over multiple days, weeks, or a semester if a more detailed syllabus in economics or financial literacy is desired.

Speaker Series: The FedEd Speaker Series provides local students with a hands-on opportunity to visit the Federal Reserve, receive a tour of the Board building led by Research Assistants, and personally meet and hear from a senior-level officer at the Federal Reserve. Events are scheduled approximately every two months and last approximately two hours.

How to Sign Up: Please email us directly at Board-FedEd@frb.gov to let us know your availability and how we can tailor our presentations to meet your students' needs.

FedEd is always looking for new ways to work in the community to achieve its mission. If you have any ideas or suggestions please let us know.

Online Materials: Please visit https://www.federalreserveeducation.org/ to explore online materials, games and teaching aids made available through our Federal Reserve Bank partners.

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Last Update: February 10, 2017