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Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
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Annual Performance Plan 2013

Strategic Theme 3: Facilities Infrastructure

Establish a modern, safe work environment that emphasizes the need to maintain data quality and integrity and the importance of enhanced collaboration within the organization and with the public.

Data Center Relocation

Objective 3.1: Create capacity for increased data demand.

In this Section:

The projects associated with this objective are related to the installation of the equipment necessary to run the Data Center and the migration of existing data held in the current Data Center. These projects cannot begin until the design and construction of the new facility is completed.

Figure 1. Data Center budget (millions; total estimated budget: $201.5 million)

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* Operations budget reflects ongoing operational costs for the current Data Center and the new Data Center over the next ten years.

Projects and Initiatives
  • There are no key projects or initiatives planned for 2013.

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Objective 3.2: Address critical Data Center subsystem requirements.

In this Section:

Staff from the Divisions of Information Technology (IT) and Management will work with the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond (FRB Richmond) to complete the memorandum of understanding (MOU) for the identified space in the Baltimore Branch building. Staff will work with the FRB Richmond manager to select an architecture and engineering firm through the competitive bidding processes. FRB Richmond, in conjunction with the Board, will issue a subsequent award for the general contractor to oversee construction activities. Staff expects to complete design work by mid-2013 with construction activities to commence soon after.

Projects and Initiatives
  • Complete the MOU for leased space between the Board and FRB Richmond.
  • Establish a charter, initial project plan, and an Executive Oversight Group (EOG).
  • Develop a communications plan, launch a Project SharePoint site, and create an initial risk register.
  • Select and issue the award for an architecture and engineering firm.
  • Select and award a contract for the construction general contractor.
  • Complete design and construction documents.
  • Begin construction.

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Martin Building Renovation

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Objective 3.3: Create a safe and secure work environment.

In this Section:

During 2013, staff of the Management Division plans to develop new policies and procedures to formalize ongoing operations based on the modernization of the building. As part of the ongoing programming efforts, staff will convene focus groups with various stakeholders to discuss building design and options and incorporate the feedback into final plans. Staff will utilize an automated data collection process for tracking equipment through the design, construction, and commissioning phases. Staff will use the collected data to streamline its incorporation into the management, maintenance, and operations of the facility once construction is complete.

Projects and Initiatives
  • Convene design focus groups and collect feedback.
  • Deliver new policies and procedures.
  • Track "maintenance-significant" equipment utilizing an automated system throughout the construction and the major phases of the Martin Building project.

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Objective 3.4: Upgrade physical infrastructure.

In this Section:

Staff identified swing space in 2012 for current occupants of the Martin Building and will complete negotiation of the lease for the space in 2013. The design and build-out of the leased space will begin in 2013 and continue into 2014. Staff will continue to work with the architect to finish the design of the Martin Building, with a target completion date in 2014. Staff continues to collect utility and energy consumption information for the existing plant as a benchmark for future performance measures.

Figure 2. Martin building renovation budget (millions; total estimated budget: $280.4 million)

Projects and Initiatives
  • Complete negotiation and sign lease for Martin Building swing space.
  • Begin build-out of swing space for move in 2014.
  • Continue Martin Building design work with target completion in 2014.
  • Complete utility data collection for all buildings.
  • Complete analysis of construction project management software and develop implementation strategy.
  • Acquire construction administration (CA) services for the Martin Building construction project.

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Objective 3.5: Reduce utility consumption and expenses.

In this Section:

Facilities staff began a comprehensive energy audit and commissioning process for the New York Avenue building in 2012, with expected completion in 2013. This process will ensure the existing Board facilities (Eccles and New York Avenue buildings) are operating in the same efficient manner as the newly modernized Martin building. The majority of the activities covered under this objective will occur once Martin building construction is complete.

Projects and Initiatives
  • Receive and review the audit report for the New York Avenue building to identify future projects and opportunities for future enhancements.

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Last update: June 14, 2013

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