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About the Federal Reserve Bulletin

The Federal Reserve Bulletin was introduced in 1914 as a vehicle to present policy issues developed by the Federal Reserve Board. Throughout the years, the Bulletin has been viewed as a journal of record, serving to provide data generated by the Board back to the public.

Authors from the Federal Reserve Board's Research and Statistics, Monetary Affairs, International Finance, Banking Supervision and Regulation, Consumer and Community Affairs, Reserve Bank Operations, and Legal divisions contribute to the content published in the Bulletin, which includes topical research and analysis and quarterly "Legal Developments."

Online access to the Bulletin is free, and an e-mail notification service is available to alert subscribers to new articles as they are released. In addition, a print-based compilation of Bulletin articles and legal developments is published annually, following each calendar year-end.

In keeping with efforts to ensure timely access to research and information by publishing content online as it becomes available, statistical data formerly published in tabular format in the Financial and Business Statistics section of the Bulletin (before 2004) and in the Statistical Supplement to the Federal Reserve Bulletin (before 2009) are now routinely posted on a Data Sources webpage on this site.

The Bulletin is published under the direction of the Federal Reserve Board's Publications Committee. See our Publications page for more information on the print- and online-based publications that the Board offers.

The content of the Federal Reserve Bulletin is published on a continuing basis, as it becomes available. The quarterly paper version of the Bulletin is no longer published. However, the Board prints an annual compilation.

Online access to the Bulletin is free. A free e-mail notification service is available to alert subscribers to new articles as they are released.

Last update: March 9, 2011