Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System

Industrial Production and Capacity Utilization - G.17

Historical Data: Steps to get the G.17 files into Excel

  1. Save the data file on your disk drive with a file name ending in ".txt".
  2. Start Excel and click on "Open" on the "File" menu.
    Select text file as type of file. Select file, click "Open".
  3. Text Import Wizard comes up.
    • Step 1: Pick "Delimited" then "Next>".
    • Step 2: Pick "Space" as delimiter and then "Next>"
    • Step 3: Pick "Finish"
Each line in the spreadsheet should have the series code, followed by the year, and the twelve months of data in separate cells.


If the Text Import Wizard does not appear and all data is in the first cell of each row:

Click on the the first column heading where the data resides, this should highlight the contents of the column in all rows throughout your spreadsheet.

Click on Text to Columns from the Data Menu. You should then see the Text Import Wizard and can follow the directions in number three above.

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Last update: March 30, 2012