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Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
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Federal Reserve Board of Governors

Agenda & Materials

10:00 a.m.

Introduction and Framing

Summary of Panel: Overview (PDF) | Setting the Stage (PDF)

Intro by Anna Alvarez Boyd, Division of Consumer and Community Affairs, Federal Reserve Board

Welcoming Remarks by Federal Reserve Board Governor Jeremy Stein

Transcript (PDF)


Sandy Braunstein, Federal Reserve Board of Governors 
     Transcript (PDF)  

Eric Belsky, Joint Center for Housing Studies, 
     Harvard University
     Transcript (PDF)  

Eileen Fitzgerald, NeighborWorks America 
     Transcript (PDF)  


11:00 a.m.

Panel #1: Patterns of Post-Foreclosure Neighborhood Investment

Summary of Panel: Panel 1  (PDF)

Researchers will present case studies of the experience with foreclosures, progress towards recovery, and overall trends in investment and ownership from a diverse set of housing markets.

Interviews and Presentations:

Joe Schilling, Metropolitan Institute, Virginia Institute of Technology (Moderator)          

Josiah Madar, Furman Center, New York University  
Presentation (PDF)

Alan Mallach, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia 
     Transcript (PDF) | Presentation (PDF)

Dan Immergluck, Georgia Institute of Technology 
Presentation (PDF)



1:00 p.m.

Panel #2: The Opportunities and Limits of Private Capital Flows in Communities

Summary of Panel: Panel 2 Summary (PDF)

This panel will explore how private capital flows are changing local housing markets, examining various business practices, exit strategies and opportunities for stabilization.

Interviews and Presentations:

Jim Park, New Vista Asset Management (Moderator)
     Transcript (PDF) 
Sean Dobson, Amherst Holdings 
     Transcript (PDF)                     
Marie Mascherin, New Jersey Community Capital
     Transcript (PDF)  | Presentation (PDF)  



2:15 p.m.

Panel #3: Recovery Strategies from the Community Perspective

Summary of Panel: Panel 3 Summary (PDF)

A Discussion of the tools and strategies available to non-profits, government and the private sector to stabilize neighborhoods with varying levels of housing investment.

Interviews and Presentations
Moderator Alyssa Lee, American Cities Project of the Pew Charitable Trust

Tony Brancatelli, Cleveland City Council 
     Transcript (PDF) | Presentation (PDF)

Tom Eggleston, HouseKey Properties 
     Transcript (PDF) | Presentation (PDF)

Steve King, Urban Strategies Council 
     Transcript (PDF) | Presentation (PDF)



3:45 p.m.

Panel #4: Strategies for Low Value Properties

Summary of Panel: Panel 4 Summary (PDF)

Discussion of how to attract private and investor capital where it is lacking, focusing on communities burdened with an unusually high concentration of low value properties. 

Interviews and Presentations:

Tamar Shapiro, Center for Community Progress (Moderator)  
     Transcript (PDF)   

     Tom Fitzpatrick, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland 
     Presentation (PDF)

Paul Graziano, City of Baltimore   
     Transcript (PDF) | Presentation (PDF)

Karla Henderson, City of Detroit 
     Transcript (PDF)Presentation (PDF)

     Raven Molloy, Federal Reserve Board of Governors  
     Presentation (PDF)



5:00 p.m.

Wrap Up Session: Issues, Gaps, and Next Step

Summary of wrap up: Wrap Up Summary (PDF)

Interviews and Presentations:

Joseph Firschein, Federal Reserve Board of Governors 

Theresa Singleton, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia 
     Transcript (PDF)

Paul Kaboth, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland 
      Transcript (PDF)



Last update: March 16, 2017