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Appendix A. Pretest One Debriefing Memo
Appendix B. Pretest Two Debriefing Memo
Appendix C. Interviewer Job Aids
Appendix D. Screener Questionnaire
Appendix E. Average Timing Report
Appendix F. 2003 SSBF Logos
Appendix G. NBA Endorsement Letter
Appendix H. NFIB Endorsement Letter
Appendix I. SBA Endorsement Letter
Appendix J. Press Release for the 2003 SSBF
Appendix K. Advance Mailing: Project Director Letter
Appendix L. Advance Mailing: Envelope Return Address
Appendix M. Worksheet Mailing: Project Director Letter
Appendix N. Alan Greenspan Letter
Appendix O. Advance Mailing: Buckslip
Appendix P. Advance Mailing: General Information Brochure
Appendix Q. Worksheet Mailing: 1998 Results Brochure
Appendix R. Worksheet Mailing: FAQ Brochure
Appendix S. Worksheet WS1 (Sole Proprietors)
Appendix T. Worksheet WS2 (Partnerships)
Appendix U. Worksheet WS3 (S Corporations)
Appendix V. Worksheet WS4 (C Corporations)
Appendix W. Worksheet Mailing: D&B Small Business Reports Brochure
Appendix X. Worksheet Mailing: NORC Confidentiality Statement
Appendix Y. Worksheet Mailing: FRB Structure & Functions Brochure
Appendix Z. Worksheet Mailing: Folder
Appendix AA. Worksheet Mailing: Return Envelope
Appendix BB. Worksheet Mailing: Organizational-Type-Unknown Letter
Appendix CC. 2003 SSBF Homepage at NORC Website
Appendix DD. 2003 SSBF Homepage at the FRB Website
Appendix EE. Final Data Collection Debriefing Memo
Appendix FF. Agenda for Screener Training
Appendix GG. Agenda for Main Interview Training
Appendix HH. Number of Calls to Complete by Screener
Appendix II. Sample Level of Effort Report
Appendix JJ. Screener Conversion Letters Not Offering $2
Appendix KK. FRB In Plain English Brochure
Appendix LL. Screener Conversion Letters Offering $2
Appendix MM. Level of Effort by Screener Final Disposition Codes
Appendix NN. 5% Follow-Up: Self-Administered Questionnaire
Appendix OO. 5% Follow-Up: Project Director Letter to Noncontacts
Appendix PP. 5% Follow-Up: Facesheet for Noncontacts
Appendix QQ. 5% Follow-Up: Interviewer-Administered Questionnaire
Appendix RR. 5% Follow-Up: Project Director Letter to Nonrespondents
Appendix SS. Main Conversion Letters
Appendix TT. Email Message Sent to Main Respondents
Appendix UU. Interviewer Letter for Sections P-S Conversions
Appendix VV. Interviewer Monitoring Form
Appendix WW. Sample PDR Form
Appendix XX. Drop/Add Form for Services and Institutions
Appendix YY. Final Production Report
Appendix ZZ. Number of Calls to Complete by Main Interview
Appendix AAA. Level of Effort by Main Final Disposition Codes
Appendix BBB. Interim Delivery Schedule
Appendix CCC. Logistic Regression Results

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