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Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
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Federal Reserve Board of Governors

Communications with the Public

  1. Systemic Designations, Enhanced Prudential Standards, and Banking Supervision and Regulation
  2. Derivatives Markets and Products
  3. Interchange Fees
  4. Payments, Settlement and Clearing Activities and Utilities
  5. Consumer Financial Protection
  6. Resolution Framework

V. Consumer Financial Protection

Attachment Date Type
National Consumer Law Center (PDF) 12/18/2014 Meeting
Industry Meetings (PDF) 04/19/2013 -
Manufactured Housing Industry (PDF) 12/11/2012 Meeting
Global DMS (PDF) 11/20/2012 Meeting
FNC, Inc. (PDF) 11/14/2012 Meeting
Industry Meetings (PDF) 01/11/2012 -
Missouri Bankers Association Meeting (PDF) 09/22/2011 Meeting
Maryland Bankers Association (PDF) 09/15/2011 Meeting
Arkansas Bankers Association (PDF) 09/14/2011 Meeting
Visa Meeting (PDF) 07/14/2011 Meeting
Inter-American Dialogue Meeting (PDF) 07/14/2011 Meeting
Consumer Advisory Council Meeting (PDF) 03/08/2011 Meeting
Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America Meeting (PDF) 03/03/2011 Meeting
Western Union Communication (PDF) 02/24/2011 Communication
MoneyGram Meeting (PDF) 02/02/2011 Meeting
Western Union Meeting (PDF) 02/01/2011 Meeting
TCH Meeting (PDF) 01/31/2011 Meeting
Securian Financial Group Meeting (PDF) 01/28/2011 Meeting
Manufactured Housing Institute (PDF) 01/25/2011 Meeting
Mortgage Bankers Association (PDF) 01/25/2011 Meeting
Industry Lawyers Meeting (PDF) 01/23/2011 Meeting
Meeting with UBS (PDF) 01/21/2011 Meeting
J.P. Morgan Chase (PDF) 01/19/2011 Communication
National Consumer Law Center Communication (PDF) 01/14/2011 Communication
Real Estate Services Providers Council Meeting (PDF) 01/10/2011 Meeting
Industry Lawyers Meeting (PDF) 12/22/2010 Meeting
BoA and Wells Fargo Meeting (PDF) 12/20/2010 Meeting
American Bankers Association Meeting (PDF) 12/20/2010 Meeting
Community Banks Meeting (PDF) 12/16/2010 Meeting
Consumer Advocates Meeting (PDF) 12/16/2010 Meeting
J. P. Morgan Chase Meeting (PDF) 12/08/2010 Meeting
Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Meeting (PDF) 12/08/2010 Meeting
Citigroup Meeting (PDF) 12/07/2010 Meeting
Hackett Communication (PDF) 11/16/2010 Communication
Docket R-1394 Meeting (PDF) 11/16/2010 Meeting
Consumer Advisory Council Meeting (PDF) 11/09/2010 Meeting
Bank of America Meeting (PDF) 11/09/2010 Meeting
Western Union Meeting (PDF) 11/03/2010 Meeting
Independent Bankers Association of Texas Meeting (PDF) 10/29/2010 Meeting
Docket No. 1394 Summary of Input (PDF) 10/28/2010 Communication
Appleseed Meeting (PDF) 10/27/2010 Meeting
NMTA Meeting (PDF) 10/21/2010 Meeting
National Consumer Law Center and National Council of La Raza Meeting (PDF) 10/20/2010 Meeting
World Council of Credit Unions and the Credit Union National Association Meeting (PDF) 10/15/2010 Meeting
Wells Fargo Bank Meeting (PDF) 10/14/2010 Meeting
Inter-American Meeting (PDF) 10/13/2010 Meeting
MoneyGram Meeting (PDF) 10/13/2010 Meeting
Viamericas Meeting (PDF) 10/12/2010 Meeting
Mortgage Bankers Association Meeting (PDF) 09/30/2010 Meeting
Last update: February 23, 2015