Depository Institutions: Consolidated Balance Sheet

This table shows the assets and liabilities of U.S.-chartered depository institutions on a globally consolidated basis, i.e., including bank assets and liabilities held abroad. This is in contrast to the Financial Accounts table L.111, which reports only the domestic assets and liabilities of U.S.-chartered depository institutions. The consolidated perspective provides additional information on the global operations of U.S.-chartered depository institutions. It also serves as a starting point and point of comparison for other EFA projects that offer additional detail on U.S.-chartered depository institutions, because some of the supplementary data (e.g., off-balance sheet holdings) are only available on a globally consolidated basis.


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Historical Data

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U.S.-chartered depository institutions are financial intermediaries that raise funds through demand and time deposits as well as from other sources, such as federal funds purchases and security repurchase agreements, funds from parent companies, and borrowing from other lending sources. Data are taken from Call Reports filed with the regulatory authority. Data before 2012:Q1 for savings institutions are compiled from regulatory reports filed with the Office of Thrift Supervision. Data are available beginning with 1990:Q1.

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Last Update: March 20, 2020