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The advanced search tool provides the user with two search options. The first option, searching the “Financial Accounts Series” (the option set by default), queries all series that appear on Z.1 tables and their underlying series. This search will return a list of series, including their mnemonics, descriptions, structure, and the tables on which they appear. The second option, searching the “Financial Accounts Inputs,” queries only input series, which, by definition, are tied to specific data sources. This search will return a list of series, including their codes, descriptions, source information, and the date that the source information was last modified. The “Tips” box provides the syntax that can be used to create different searches and filter search results.

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Tips on how to search

Search Meaning Example
57? searches for codes that begin with 57 573065103
?03 searches for codes that end in 03 723065403
corporate searches tables for corporate corporate
136 searches for codes containing 136 136006003, 175013663, 114586136
"X Y" searches for exact phrase X Y "Mutual Funds"
YYYY-MM-DDall date searches must be formatted in this manner 2011-02-13
X Y searches for "X" AND "Y" Mutual * Funds OR Funds * Mutual