This interactive documentation serves as a guide to the data compiled and published as part of the “Financial Accounts of the United States” (Z.1) data release. The Z.1 includes flow of funds, balance sheet, and integrated macroeconomic account data. This comprehensive documentation system is designed to help a user understand the links between series and underlying source data by providing the capability to search or browse the vast amount of information underlying the Z.1.

The two options below offer different ways to view the structure of these accounts. Option 1 allows a user to search series mnemonics, or names, and descriptions. Expand the “Tips” to see the syntax that can be used to create different searches and filter search results. Option 2 displays a list of all tables published in the Z.1 data release and some international data submissions tables, linking the user to information associated with each table.

Option 1: Search
Tips on how to search
Search Meaning Example
57? searches for codes that begin with 57 573065103
?03 searches for codes that end in 03 723065403
corporate  searches tables for corporate corporate
136 searches for codes containing 136 136006003, 175013663, 114586136
"X Y" searches for exact phrase X Y "Mutual Funds"
Option 2: Browse tables

Complete table listing


Erratum for the June 10, 2021 Financial Accounts publication

Incorrect values were published for four annual data series shown as memo items on table B.103 lines 44, 45, and 46 (series FL103164106.A, FL104104016.A, and FL104104006.A), and table B.104 line 41 (FL114104006.A). The incorrect values were published in DDP and in files showing years 2017-2020 for B.103 and B.104, including the Z.1 PDF file, Z.1 release page HTML tables, Financial Accounts Guide PDF files, and the Financial Accounts Guide HTMLs. Published quarterly data series values are correct ((FL103164106.Q, FL104104016.Q, FL104104006.Q, and FL114104006.Q) and the year-end equivalent Q4 values continue to be available via DDP at, and via the zipped CSV files at Data corrections will be reflected in the next Z.1 release on Thursday, September 23, 2021, at 12:00 noon.

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