These projects provide additional detail for selected areas of the Financial Accounts. See About the EFAs below for more information.

Cross-Sector Relationships


Issuer-to-Holder (From-Whom-To-Whom) Data
Updated September 22, 2023



Nonbank Financial Institutions

Nonfinancial Businesses


Equity Issuance and Retirement
Updated September 22, 2023

Syndicated Loan Portfolios of Financial Institutions
Updated September 22, 2023

Rest of the World

About the Enhanced Financial Accounts (EFAs)

The Enhanced Financial Accounts initiative is a long-term effort to augment the Financial Accounts of the United States with a richer and more detailed picture of financial intermediation and interconnections. As part of this initiative, we are providing supplementary information that offers finer detail, additional types of activities, higher-frequency data, and more-disaggregated data, even if such data are not available for all sectors or easily incorporated into the existing structure of the Financial Accounts. Many of the EFA projects are accompanied by FEDS Notes that provide additional information or context. Like all Financial Accounts data, EFA data are updated regularly and subject to revision.

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Last Update: September 22, 2023